Who’s Who?


Since my blog is so much about the characters in my family, I thought it might be nice to introduce you to the cast and crew, so to speak. Of course I have to add my own familial observations, which they’d probably be mortified to read but hey, it’s my blog. Oh, incidentally, I’m the third from the left in the photo above.  To stay up-to-date with all these characters, you’ll want to mosy on over to my current blog which has moved here.

Cast of Characters:
– alias “The Commander”. Retired Naval Supply Corps officer who now works for a contracting firm supporting the Navy. Loves all things to do with computers and genealogy. An “ISTJ”, he is dependable, loyal, quiet, serious, logical, NOT quick to make a decision…preferring to think things through VERY thoroughly before committing to a course of action. I once joked to friends that I learned early on in our marriage that if I want him to agree to something, I have to make an appointment with him and then come with diagrams, flip charts, and hard evidence to back up my request. He is the PERFECT foil to my over-the-top flightiness.

Dee – That would be me. You can read all about me already on the “About Me” pages. Suffice it to say that I march to my own drumbeat and I change tempo quite often. For you Myers-Briggs followers, I’m an “ISFJ”, extroverted when I feel I must be or when I’m with friends but very happy just being in my own company, too.   For you who are familiar with Enneagram typing, my son tells me I’m a “6” with a “7” wing.  For those who are devotees of the “Elements” personality typing, I’m a “Wind.”    I’m a VERY strong feeler. Excitable, changeable, impulsive, prone to worry, I’m kind of the exact opposite of my husband. Our marriage has never been dull and we’ve been married over 30 years.

Daughter Laura – our daughter is a unique blend of my temperament and my husband’s temperament. She is a thinker but the feeling side (which she likes to keep hidden) surfaces at endearing moments (to her mortification). She inherited her scientific and mathematical talents from her father and is a biochemist who is very talented in her field. Her brother likes to tell her that one day she is going to discover the cure for cancer and you know, it wouldn’t surprise me. But like her momma, she loves to read, has an infectious zest for life, loves animals, and the girl can write. We’re so glad that she has a strong Christian faith. She continues the family line of strong-minded women and I love her dearly.

Son Jason – alias “dear boy” or “the minimalist.” Our son is a strong feeler. He got his dad’s math skills and his mom’s love of writing and weird sense of humor. Jason is a crusader who cares so much about the downtrodden and those too weak or too poor to have a voice to be heard. He loves the Lord and that tempers everything that he does. He’s a people person who brings joy to everyone he is around. He’s also just as happy sequestering himself away somewhere immersed in study or contemplation. He currently works among the urban poor.

Son-in-law Jason – alias “Laura’s Jason.” Yes, our daughter married a “Jason.” Our son-in-law is a delightful Christian young man who enjoys the outdoors, hunting, hiking, and marksmanship. We love his sense of humor. He is a chemist who is currently employed in infectious disease research. We are so happy that he and Laura live within visiting distance and that he didn’t let our nutty family scare him off.

Daughter-in-law Laura – alias “Jason’s Laura” or “Lola.”  Yes, our son married a “Laura.” How about that? Our daughter-in-law is a great addition to our family. If God had said to Jason, “Make up a list of the characteristics you want in a wife,” she would be the embodiment of that list. And while we are on that vein, if I had made up a list of the things I wanted in a daughter-in-law, the same would hold true. She loves to read (YES!), loves the Lord, has a real heart for the poor, trained as a medical doctor, and is now working with the urban poor. We’re so glad that Jason and Laura found each other.

Mom – alias “Grandma.” My mom is 96. She taught elementary school for 35 years, beginning with a one-room schoolhouse in rural Minnesota and ending up in Michigan. She has always been a character. If she had been born in an earlier time, she would have been one of the “bluestockings” or marching with the suffragettes. She has always been a perfectionist, loved animals, a terrific teacher, creative, and strong-minded. Until her late 80’s, she was driving a full-size conversion van. A series of mini-strokes made it necessary for her to move to an assisted living facility near us for almost 6 years. While she was living there, she led quite an active life until another series of strokes made it necessary for her to be moved to a nursing facility. She has her good days and bad days, has lost most of her eyesight, and can no longer walk. But she still enjoys having me read to her.

Mikayla – The newest member of our family is our granddaughter, Mikayla Joy, also known as “Mika.”  She is the daughter of our son, Jason and wife Laura.  She was born in late 2009 and is already filling our lives with joy.


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