Some Yarn for Me, Some Yarn for Baby

KDO Yarn HaulI attended the 24th Annual Knitters’ Day Out in Summerdale, PA yesterday and came home with this haul.  Mercy!  I ended up with enough skeins of orange Araucania Nature Wool to make a Mobius Capelet.  Then I saw a darling collared baby cardigan sample and had to snag some Crazy Zauberball yarn for Baby Reepicheep  (despite the fact that I’ve already knit her two sweaters already and the fact that she will be eventually moving to a very sultry climate).  Oh, before you start wondering who in the world names their baby Reepicheep, let me assure you that “Reepicheep” is a working name and the real name will be revealed all in good time (in other words, WE don’t know what they are going to call the baby yet either).  Yes it was a real mistake stopping in the Yarn Love booth.  I also saw a sample of the Simple Yet Effective Shawl done up in Noro Sock Yarn and two skeins of that jumped into my bag.  Then doggone if I didn’t see a lovely scarf done up from Mini Mochi, which I think is almost as soft as Malabrigo yarn and which has some of the loveliest color shifts of the yarns out there today.  So into the bag went two skeins of that in their Violet colorway.

New PatternsAs I was heading towards the door, I came across the Delightful Ewe booth and they just happened to have little baby sweater kits already put together into clear plastic containers, complete with pattern, yarn, and buttons.  How could I resist?   And in the same vein, how could I resist a Debbie Bliss book on designing and knitting patterns?

I was almost to the exit of the marketplace when I saw Cathy from the Colonial Yarn Shop who had a snazzy-looking Traveling Woman Shawl (see an example of one by clicking on the link provided).  Of course, I had to put in a skein of Araucania Sock Yarn in yummy colors of turquoise, gold and navy to knit up that shawl.    My friend, Alice is an Indie Dyer and has her own yarn line called Altobish Yarns.  I had to pick up two skeins of her “B Sharp, B Natural” Bamboo blend yarn which is ever so soft and will eventually make its way into a shawlette for moi.

Hey, that was all BEFORE I made it to class, which was a great class on doing gauge swatches and on blocking your finished projects.  It may sound like basic information but judging by the show of hands in the class, there were a lot of folks who aren’t doing either.  I had never done steam blocking and was really interested in learning more about that, which our teacher covered quite thoroughly.  I learned quite a bit on both subjects.

So today I’m busy matching up the new yarn with notes about what projects I plan to knit with it.  I’m also having fun looking at more baby patterns.  One that I came across today is a real hoot.  Have you ever seen a baby wearing a duck hat?  Or wearing duck feet socks?  Check this out!  Oh man, I am SO tempted to knit those up for Reepicheep.  But ssssh!  Let’s just keep it a secret between you and me.