Knitting for the Sci-Fi Geek

Maybe it’s the fact that the new Star Trek movie is now out in theaters, but my mind has been drifting off to galaxies far, far away.    Or maybe it’s the fact that my front yard has taken on the appearance of the moon’s surface, with freshly dug craters and little guys in neon orange bibs popping out like groundhogs that has me wondering when the new season of Dr. Who will pop up on the Sci-Fi channel.  By the way, I’m not kidding about the yard.  Apparently, our yard is going to be one of the “hubs” for the FiOS cable that is finally coming to our street.  At any rate, my knitting radar is suddenly picking up all sorts of fun things to knit or knit with that can feed your sci-fi mania at the same time.

Eye of Jupiter Yarn

How about some socks from this “Eye of Jupiter” yarn for all of you Battlestar Galactica fans?   Or knit yourself a pair of Viper Pilots socks designed by Glenna C.    Dr. Who fans can knit themselves a “Dr. Who” scarf ,  a miniature pair of Daleks , crochet up a Tardis,  or go “whole hog” and crochet an amigurumi Tenth Dr. Who.  There are lots more Dr. Who-related patterns but apparently, the BBC is in a snit over a British fan who designed a bunch of patterns and posted them for free on her website.   They threatened to take legal action so she has since taken them off her website.

Christina Marie Potter’s Etsy shop has some fun yarns hand-dyed in different Star Trek colors.   Liberty’s Yarn has been featuring yarn dyed up in colorways honoring “hot chicks of sci fi” such as T’Pol, Starbuck, and Ellen.  Want to knit up your own pair of Spock ears?  Head over to this blog for the instructions.  My friends, there is really no end to what imaginative, creative people can come up with when they also happen to be dyed-in-the-wool (ok, maybe a little pun intended there) sci-fi geeks.  Have fun doing your own searches on the Web and see what else you can unearth.  In the meantime, I’d better transport myself to the laundry room and see if any clean clothes have materialized.