To Pull or Not to Pull

Filling the air with the sounds of Spring

It’s a gorgeous day out today.  I have all the windows open to take advantage of the warm temperatures and to celebrate the fact that it is also the first day of Spring.  I can hear the birds singing and, believe it or not, some overachiever in the neighborhood actually has his lawnmower up and running.  Unfortunately, because I’ve been fighting a nasty cold, I haven’t been able to get out and enjoy this stretch of good weather but I think I’m finally turning the corner and on the road to recovery.

At any rate, as I snuck outside today to grab the newspaper off the driveway, I noticed that the weeds in our front flowerbed have survived the winter (drat) and decided to come up hale and hearty.  I glanced over at the butterfly bushes along the side of the house and noticed that they really need to be trimmed back sooner rather than later.  Thank goodness that I had trimmed the lilac bush last fall because that is already starting to bud.  So much to do now that Winter has fled the scene.

Pondering Spring Clean-up

Herein lies my dilemma.  I SHOULD be getting together the gardening gear and preparing to go out and assault those weeds as soon as I feel well enough to do so.  This is particularly wise considering the fact that the Commander’s idea of weeding is to grab a hoe and start hacking away at anything green in his path.  I tend to lose a lot of my flowers and plants when the Commander weeds my flower beds.  He has all the gardening finesse of a Sherman tank.   But do you remember what happened to me the last time I got “down and dirty” in my flower beds?

Bad memories of past weeding efforts

In just a few days I had one arm swollen to twice its size, covered in oozing poison ivy or oak blisters and a similar rash under my armpits and on my legs.  I don’t EVER want to go through that again.  In fact, my doctor told me that I should steer clear of yard work forever more, since I was obviously now sensitized to whatever ornery stuff lurks in our yard.  But short of hiring a gardener (yeah, right), I just don’t think it’s going to get done if I leave it up to the Commander.

So I’m back to the question of….”should I pull weeds or not?”  If I decide to get out there and do some work, I can guarantee you that I shall no longer pull weeds with my bare hands.  No sir!  From now on, I’ll be wearing a long-sleeved shirt and gloves to do yard work and when I’m done, I’m going straight into the shower and those clothes are going right into the washing machine.  We’ll see how it works.


A Much-Needed Brightener


I was up with the birds this morning, mainly because the itching, prickling feeling on my arms was not conducive to sleep.  So Fresca the Wonder Dog and I went down to the TV room to knit a little and watch the Crufts dog show.  I was just getting nice and drowsy when I could hear my hubby stirring upstairs and so began the day.  It’s been 12 days now since my initial skirmish with the poison ivy, but who’s counting?  Right! Who’s winning? The ivy or Dee? Click here to find out.

One of These Hands is Not Like the Other…

Swollen HandOne of these hands is not like the rest….as that old singing game goes.  Can ya guess which hand doesn’t belong to my body?  Actually, it IS my hand but it sure looks like it should belong to someone twice my size.  In the continuing miserable saga of my battle with poison ivy, here’s where we stand:  Rash – still in quite a few places.  Blisters – stopped oozing and now drying up.  Itching – mostly tolerable; occasionally forgettable.  Swelling – out of control on my left side where the bulk of the poison ivy struck.    Medication – heavy-duty antibiotic and 50 mg. of prednisone a day for 5 days.  However, I woke up this morning with a red rash Click here to read more of this sorry tale

Poison Ivy Woes

IMG_3889WARNING!  This post is NOT for the squeamish.  There will be pictures following that are not pretty.  In fact, they are downright yucky.  So I thought I’d start us off with a little prettiness even though the dastardly poison ivy is lurking amidst the blooms.  It’s kind of like life, isn’t it?  You go to smell the rose and you come away with a bee sting in the schnoz.  Here in our area of Pennsylvania, it’s translated into the many sweet and sour culinary delights that the Pennsylvania Dutch have brought to the region.  But I digress.

The first thing that came to my mind yesterday was “Houston, we have a problem” when I went to put on my watch and found that it was too snug to be comfortable.  Seems my arm was swollen up…the arm that had the brunt of the poison ivy.   Stop that scratching and click here to view the rest of the story!

Poison Ivy – Aye, There’s the Rub!

Poison Ivy_0001I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but it’s been raining almost daily here in our area of PA and not only the grass and flowers, but also the weeds have been thriving.  On Memorial Day, we finally had a bit of a break in the weather.  At least it was dry enough for my hubby and I to go outside and do a little weeding.

He used a hand cultivator to dislodge the buggers and I raked them up so he could scoop everything into the wheelbarrow.  While he was working on the front flowerbed, I went around the side of the house and pulled weeds by hand along our lilac bush and the drain pipe, back in behind our butterfly bushes.  There were some serious vines back in there but I just grabbed and pulled.   You know what’s coming, don’t you? Aw, click here anyway and keep reading.