Bumper Messages

Bumper Stickers LeftI was watching NCIS Los Angeles last evening  and got a chuckle out of one bit where the unit’s pyschological profiler is analyzing the bumper stickers on one of the character’s cars.  He indicated that if the owner was a younger person, the bumper stickers could indicate a sense of humor or playfulness, among other things and a sense of non-conformity.  Then he went on to say that, if the owner was middle-aged or older, bumper stickers could indicate a tendency to challenge authority.  Oh boy, what does that say about me?  I like to think that I have a pretty well-defined sense of humor.  Some would call it more of a sense of the absurd.  As to challenging authority….well, let’s just say that since I spent so many years in the military, I became quite adept at conforming outwardly while challenging the heck out of the authority figures around me IN MY MIND.   And I do tend to question almost all attempts to “make” me do anything these days.  So maybe that fellow wasn’t so far off.

Bumper Stickers RightBut what do my bumper stickers say about me?  Well, for one thing, I do have a fondness for Texas and Texans.  Maybe it’s the fact that Minnesota and Michigan winters were COLD and I appreciate the allure of Texas winters a lot.  Maybe I just like the way Texans kind of do their own thing with no apologies.  There’s that non-conformist, authority challenging thing going on.  Maybe I just like the fact that there is still so much of Texas that isn’t wall-to-wall over-developed.

Looking at my other car stickers, you can guess that I like knitting…..A LOT!  You probably can tell that I wear glasses.  I like to blog…no surprises there.  And I don’t really consider myself to be “one of the cool gals.”  Never have, probably never will.  No, I wear the label of ‘geek” proudly.

Bumper Stickers BottomThe rest of my bumper stickers give you the clue that I’m a pacifist, or at least try to be.  I’ll admit that it makes me a little unusual…being a military veteran and a pacifist and I get some strange looks when I go on the local military post but hey, I don’t know many military folks who love war.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t pray for and send care packages to those who are currently over in the hot spots we are stuck in.  They are brave men and women.  And I wish every one of them were home safe and sound.

So what do your bumper stickers say about you?  Or are you one of those who wouldn’t dream of slapping anything on your car?  I’ll bet your house is pristine, too, right?  Not mine!  It’s pretty quirky, as well.

Victoria in BagI’ll leave you with a peek at my new Louet Victoria spinning wheel, still in its carrying bag.  It arrived yesterday and the first thing I did, after opening up the bag to make sure everything looked ok, was pull out the backback straps and walk around the house with the wheel on my back.  How cool is that?  I simply can’t believe that I can carry a spinning wheel so easily on my back.  This opens up all sorts of spinning opportunities with the portability of this little wheel.  Watch for future blog posts as I get her unpacked and try her out.