A Makeshift Art Exhibit

In the course of each month, we get a lot of lovely artwork from our five grandchildren.  Up until now, I've tried to find a place for all of it on our refrigerator doors.  Lately, though, I can barely see my refrigerator for the art.  There has to be a better way to display it! …

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Crafting with Nana – Framed Artwork

This morning , at Pancakes with Nana, the five grands did a framed art project.  First I let them each chose something that they wanted to use as a model for their drawing.  Two chose a cast-iron armadillo doorstopper so those two boys put it on the table between them and started to draw it.  …

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It’s Pancake Saturday with Nana

It's Saturday and that means it is "Pancakes at Nana's" time.  Now that I have both of my adult children and their families living nearby, Saturdays have become more hectic.  Five grandchildren 8 years old and younger make our time together noisy, chaotic, and most of the time, lots of fun. After breakfast, I usually …

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