Why the Funk?

About 8 years ago, I enrolled in a poetry class at the local college where I worked. The class was filled with young, bright college students and me….a middle-aged, hot-flashing geek old enough to be their mother. Heck, I was probably old enough to be their grandmother. While their poetry was all about unrequited love (or too much love – if you know what I mean) and finding themselves, my poetry was about reliving the glory days of the Sixties, parenting my parents, wondering what the heck happened to my youth, and coping with excess pounds and night sweats.

For our final project, we each had to produce a book of our poetry and to select readings out of it. I decided to call my collection “Hot-flashed Funk.” I liked the name so much that I decided to create a blog where I could chronicle my middle-aged adventures and trials with the hope that it would be an encouragement to all those other women out there who are feeling their way through midlife.

So whether or not you’re still “flashing”, come journey with me through a crazy time in my life as I cope with emptied nest, thickening waist, overactive tear ducts, a 96-year-old mother, and an overwhelming urge to no longer be responsible for anything.  My blog has moved and you’ll now find me here.


2 Responses

  1. Good to read where the name “hot-flashed funk” came from. I remember the humorous tales you’d share of your poetry class adventures. Like the new blog site and design. May God anoint your words as you write; may they be a source of encouragement, laughter (after all the Kingdom of God is a party and joyous), and creativity in how we can follow God in our world today. I’m proud of you Mom! And I’m excited to see if the quiet of an empty nest will help provide a context in which you can dedicate more time to your writing gift.

  2. And I’m proud of you, too. You have been anointed with quite a writing gift. Maybe we can inspire each other to be faithful in our writing.

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