Waiting for a New Granddog

My son-in-law has wanted a dog for some time now.   I knew that he had grown up with Pekingese dogs and when he first joined our family, I think that this was the breed that he was leaning towards.

Photo courtesy of Photos8.com

Now when I think of Pekingese dogs, I think of little bug-eyed dogs with pushed in snouts.  Sorry, but that’s the image I have in my mind.    You see, I just never grew up with dogs that didn’t have nicely formed snouts and the prick ears.  It formed my idea of what “normal” looks like.

This is the type of dog I grew up with…..Fresca, the Wonder Dog….an American Eskimo.  Prior to her, I had Shetland Sheepdogs.  They all had similar looks…the pointed muzzles and the prick ears.  There wasn’t a mushed-in face in the group.  Of course, they were all neurotic, but that’s another story.  But I digress.

Well, my daughter emailed me the other day to say that her Jason was now on a “bulldog” kick.  He had decided that he wanted a bulldog instead of a Pekingese.

Photo courtesy of Photos8.com

My first thought was of this breed….the Dogue de Bordeaux immortalized in the movie “Turner and Hooch.”  Visions of slobber being flung all around the house filled my head.  I recalled the scene in the movie where the character leaves the dog in his car for a few minutes and returns to find the entire car interior ripped to shreds.  Ugh!

Photo courtesy of Photos8.com

I did a little research on the bulldog.  Jeepers!  I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder but to me, this breed was ugly as sin.  I called my daughter up.

“You don’t want a bulldog.  They’re too big and besides, I checked out their intelligence.  Do you realize that on a chart that ranks 79 dog breeds in order of their intelligence, they rank 77th?”, I asked her.

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The latest email arrived a few days ago.  It said, “Jason no longer wants a bulldog.  We are thinking about getting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel now.”  Hmm, this sounded more promising.  I went online and did some more research.  They at least looked cute.  Their temperament sounded sweet and they appeared to be quite intelligent.   I breathed a sigh of relief.  As of today, Laura and Jason are on a waiting list with a reputable breeder for a puppy from a litter due around Easter.

I mentioned to our vet last week that I might be “Grandmother” to a new dog soon.

“My daughter is probably going to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,” I told him.

“Oh, they’re nice little dogs,” he replied.  “We almost got one but we  got a bulldog instead.”

I started to laugh.  “Did you know that they rank 77th out of 79 on the intelligence chart for dog breeds?”, I asked.  “I told my daughter that a bulldog would be too dumb for her.”

“Well, he fits our lifestyle,” he answered….”big, laid-back, and chilled out.”

I looked at him and then looked over at Fresca the Wonder Dog, who was perched on the examining table and looking around the room with that look that said, “Where can I jump to next and what mischief can I get into?”

“Do you honestly think a bulldog would stand a chance with keeping up with ‘Wild Thing’?” I asked him.

“Probably not,” he laughed.  “A King Charles Spaniel is probably a better choice, although I suspect Fresca would STILL be able to think circles around it.”

I’ll let you know what they end up with.


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