You Know You’re a Spinner When…

1.  Bags of fiber are outnumbering your commercial skeins of yarn.

2.  You walk around with wisps of fiber attached to your clothing.

3.  You are constantly on the outlook for patterns that call for a total of  100-300 yds. of yarn.

4.  You are at the fast food restaurant and when someone orders a wrap you instantly think of “wraps per inch.”

5.  You find yourself explaining to a puzzled hardware employee why you are looking for a certain weight of cotton string to use for a drive band and realize he or she doesn’t have a clue what you are talking about.

6.  You can actually tell someone what Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on AND show them pictures of a similar device.

7.  The idea of limiting yourself to one spinning wheel seems ludicrous.

8.  Even if you are a little “fluffy”, you have muscular calves.

9.  You can name at least four different breeds of sheep.

10.  You’d rather wax your spinning wheel than your floors.

11.  You’d much rather go to the MD Sheep and Wool Festival than to the Mall of America.


12.  You realize that this list could go on and on but it’s cutting into your spinning time.


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