Friday’s Fave Five Eats and Treats

friday fave five spring, originally uploaded by readndee.

It’s Friday already and time to list five highlights of my week. And once again, it’s been a great week. I have no problem coming up with five things to share with you.

1.  A big highlight was receiving my Schacht Matchless Double Treadle spinning wheel.  These beautiful wheels are made by the Schacht Spindle Company based in Boulder, Colorado.  I’ve had my eye on one for a long time and finally was able to place my order.  I didn’t mind the wait (good things are worth waiting for) and was thrilled when she (I’ve named her “Valentina”) arrived.  I’ll be posting more about her in my next post.

2.  I enjoyed a great cheeseburger and fries at Five Guys Burgers & Fries. My son and daughter-in-law had never been to one of these restaurants so I had the fun of introducing them to their tasty offerings.  The Commander and I think that Five Guys makes the best cheeseburgers in town and their fries are pretty awesome, too.

3.  I have a new camera.  I had purchased a fancy Canon PowerShot SX20 IS before the kids came home for their visit and I ended up hating that camera.  It was too heavy and much too complicated for me.  Plus I didn’t think that it took very sharp pictures despite having 12 pixel resolution.  It’s now going to be sold and I am much happier with a cheaper and simpler Canon PowerShot A480.  It does everything I want it to do and I think the picture quality is much nicer, too.  But don’t go by the above picture.  I snapped that with my iPhone.

4.  Teaching Laura to make Moroccan Couscous. I learned to make Moroccan couscous stew when we lived in Morocco.  When Laura and Jason arrived, one of the things that Laura wanted to do was learn how to make this dish.  So today we are cooking together and already the wonderful aroma of this heavenly stew is wafting through the entire house.   By this evening, when I show her how to arrange the whole thing on the big platter that I brought back from Morocco, our mouths will be watering.

5.  Listening to Jason and Laura working together. Earlier this week, while I was working away on my computer in the craft room, Laura was helping Jason with his writing by doing some editing and offering some suggestions here and there.  It was so nice to hear them interact back and forth.  They truly are a partnership framed in love, which is what a marriage should be, and how happy I am for the two of them.

To see what others are writing about, visit Susanne’s site at Living to Tell the Story.  And if you find yourself inspired by what you read, why not join the fun and tell us what your fave five’s are for the week?


5 Responses

  1. I love seeing that spinning wheel. Glad you told me what it was though; I might not have known. Cool.
    Five Guys Burgers and Fries…they are delicious!

  2. Your spinning wheel is beautiful! I’ve toyed with taking up spinning as it is a natural extension of my love for knitting. And I admit to loving the idea of sitting down to the wheel. But so far I have resisted.

    I love how happy you sound talking about your family. Mine brings me great joy as well. 🙂

  3. Five Guys is good AND fun, I agree.

    Isn’t it nice to see your kids grow and mature?

    Have a happy weekend.

  4. I would love to try Moroccan couscous. I’ve never eating anything like that.

    Beautiful spinning wheel. I’m sure you will be spending many fun hours with it.

    A new camera too. Have fun with that too. I like my little camera. It’s so easy to work but one of these fine years I do want to learn how to work the big beast. LOL.

  5. OH! A Schacht double treadle! OH! You are one lucky girl! (But I still love my Lendrum…) Do you prefer the double treadle to a single?

    Isn’t it wonderful to see your kids working together with their spouses?

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