Starting Them Early

There is an old wives’ tale (or should I say…old knitter’s tale) that says if a Master Knitter puts a pair of knitting needles in a baby’s hands, that baby will grow up to be a knitter.  I’m going to see if that holds true.

Last night, I started little Mika on her way to becoming a knitter.  With the permission of her mommy and under my careful supervision, I placed a whopping big pair of nicely crafted wooden knitting needles into her tiny hands. I took special care to make sure she wasn’t going to poke her eyes out accidentally.  I didn’t think that would be an auspicious start.

She examined the needles with careful concentration.  Obviously she was fascinated by them.  And just because I never do anything halfway, I made sure to do all this in my craft room where she was sitting next to two spinning wheels, surrounded by a LOT of my yarn stash, and I also stuck a skein of yarn on her lap for good measure.

As she slowly sank into a blissful nap, I could tell that she was already dreaming of all those future projects that she was going to knit.  Perhaps she was considering different color combinations for those projects and what types of yarn would be best to use.  If I’m really lucky, she might have been dreaming of spinning up some of her own yarn to knit with.  I have only one variable in this little experiment that I’m not too sure about.  I don’t know if I quite qualify as a “Master Knitter” unless you go by length of time I’ve been knitting.  In that case, 50+ years will hopefully qualify me.  The rest will be up to Miss Mika.

And as a little “teaser” for my next post, my new Schacht Matchless DT arrived yesterday in the evening and the Commander lovingly assembled her for me.  Allow me to introduce to you “Valentina.”


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