Fave Five Yummies and Honeys

Another week has whizzed by and it’s time for my list of Fave Five events of the week.  It was hard to limit myself to five things this week.  I had quite a few good things to report which is always a good thing.  Better to have an abundance of blessings to choose from than to have to make some up, eh?   But I narrowed it down to five so here is my list of Fave Fives for the week.

1.  My little Mika turned 2 months old. This little honey of a grandbaby is growing and changing so quickly.  To celebrate her “big girl” status, her mommy and I went out and bought her some headbands and hairbows and then she had to model them for us.  There should be no doubt now that she is a girl.

2.  Mika met her Aunt Laura for the first time. To celebrate the occasion, our daughter Laura presented Mika with a t-shirt that says “My Aunt Rocks.”  Too cute.  I don’t think Mika looks very impressed in this picture but she really did have a good time giving her aunt the once-over and being held by Laura.  Judging by the smile, I’d say that Aunt Laura enjoyed the time with her niece as well.

3.  I spun some wool today at our spinning guild from the nicest wool I’ve ever had the fun of spinning. This is from the fiber artist BeeMiceElf and the fiber is Superwash Blue-Faced Leicester.  You’ll never believe what the name of the colorway is.  It’s called “Naughty Librarian.”  Isn’t that a hoot?  The fiber comes in a braid that is shown at the bottom of the picture and you can see how it is spinning up.  I can honestly say that this is the easiest wool I’ve ever spun.  It has really been a dream to spin.

4.  Mika and her Great-Grandma Toots were able to spend more time together. I was able to bring my 96-year-old mom home from the nursing home for a visit with the help of my son.  She had a fun reunion with the dog (my previous post) and got to hold Mika for some fun bonding time.  We had a nice lunch of pancakes and bacon which she polished off and we capped off the day with a sing-a-long and an impromptu piano concert.  It was a full day for all of us but a good one.

5.  Mika was dedicated at our church and then thrown a potluck/shower by our church family. Bless her heart, she slept through the whole thing.  She even slept through all the folks who wanted to hold her during the potluck.  It was such a blessing to share our joy at Mika’s safe arrival with our church fellowship.

That was my week.  If you’d like to read the Fave Five’s of others, visit Susanne’s blog at Living to Tell the Story.


4 Responses

  1. Beautiful post dedicated to Mika. God Bless her as she grows up, she is precious

  2. Mika is just adorable! Sounds like she had quite a week! I can imagine what joy she’s bringing to your lives. Particularly enjoyed seeing your Mom with her….what a blessing to still have her with you. My Mom is 85 and I appreciate every day I have with her…… and my Father-in-law will be 90 on Sunday. I’ll have to go back and read your post about your Mom and your doggie…..I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. May you have many more blessings during the week ahead!
    Elaine 🙂

  3. Your whole week made me smile! How cute is Mika with the hairbows.

    That yarn is just gorgeous. The name always cracks me up everytime you mention it.

  4. Any week with Mika and spinning would be wonderful and then you were able to add in the visit with your mom. Yes, it was a great week!

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