Fresca the Wonder Dog Strikes Again

I was finally able to bring my 96-year-old mum home for the better part of the day yesterday with the aid of my son.  Since she isn’t able to walk and can’t even support herself to stand, it takes at least two people to get her out of the wheelchair and into the car and vice versa once she is at the house.  We won’t even talk about trying to get her bathroomed.  Anyway, I knew that Fresca would be super excited to see her, since it has been almost two years since her last visit with our dog.  So we got Mom situated on the couch, padded her lap with a pillow and a big, puffy blanket and went to let the dog in from the sunporch where we had sequestered her.

Fresca made a beeline into the living room, came over to me and jumped up and down and then suddenly realized that there was someone else in the room that was new.  She took one look at Mom and let out a high-pitched screech and headed for the couch.

She tried to jump on the couch, which usually takes her one second, but in her extreme excitement, she actually plowed straight into it and it took her two tries before she was able to clear the hurdle of the seat and make it onto “Grandma’s” lap.  From then on, she was a whirlwind of wiggles, whines, and licks.  We were snapping pictures and laughing so hard that we failed to notice that Mum looked positively terrified.  My goodness, what were we thinking?

I ran over and sat on the couch to grab Fresca and try to calm her down a little.  Our Wonder Dog was just so happy to see Grandma that she was beside herself and wanted to go back for Round Two of kissing and snuggling with Mom.   Doesn’t Mom look positively thrilled at that prospect?

Well, in the end Mom survived, Fresca calmed down and we went on to have a lovely lunch and afternoon with four generations of family.  Mom got to cuddle her great-granddaughter while I played a concert on the piano for her.  Her grandson played guitar and we sang along, including Mum.  Mom even sang a song about George Washington for us that she had learned in third grade.  It was really a lovely, albeit tiring day.

I’ll try to add the video of Fresca with Mom as soon as I download it to the computer so you can see our Wonder Dog in action with her favorite senior citizen.  You’ll wonder what in the world we were thinking as you hear us laughing hysterically but honestly, we didn’t notice Mom looked so terrified.  She has always loved the dog and vice versa.  Guess it was just a little overwhelming to her, given the nature of the greeting she received.  We’ll definitely file that away under “Lessons to Remember” for her next visit.


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