Here We Go Again!

It’s another snowstorm.  We got about 8 inches of new snow overnight and it is still coming down.  The weatherman is predicting the heaviest snow will come today between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  Wow!  We might get another 8 inches of snow just today.  There’s nothing like sitting by a window in a warm house, watching the snow fall while you munch on sweet potato chips.  Yum!

My daughter reports that the wind is blowing so hard out her way (near the West Virginia border …..below Frederick, MD), that they are experiencing near whiteout conditions.  The schools there have just thrown up the white flag and canceled school until next Tuesday.  Her hubby is busy trying to clear snow off of their deck because the weight of the snow is so heavy that they are afraid it might cause the deck to collapse.

Until I can get out to take some more pictures of our latest snowfall, here is a picture of the latest square I’ve completed in the Great American Aran Afghan that I’m working on.  It’s the Julie H. Levy square.  There are a few boo-boo’s in this square but I’m fine with that.  It was a good learning experience and now I’m feeling quite comfortable at working cables without using a cable needle.  And these were my first bobbles.  I gave up on trying to follow the bobble directions in the pattern and just resorted to the directions in “The Knitting Companion.”

On a fun note, I have a blog to recommend to any of you who are librarians, library staff, or former library workers.  One of my former co-workers recommended this on Facebook today and I had to head over there.  The entries are funny and right on target, if you’ve ever worked in a library.  They’re also short so you can get your dose of humor quickly and then be on your way.  The blog is A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette.  Enjoy!


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