Nana’s Fave Fives

It’s Friday already and I can’t believe how the time has flown.  My goodness, who knew that having a baby in the house would accelerate the clock so.  And yet, here it is time for the Fave Five list already and I just looked up at the clock and saw that it was almost suppertime and I hadn’t even posted yet today.  Yikes.  So guess I’d better get busy.  Here are the Fave Five events from “Hot-Flashed Nana’s” house today:

1.  Our son and family arrived safely from Canada this week. Yes, Nana got to hold little Mikayla for the first time late Monday evening.  As you can see from the picture, I was certainly excited and Mika wasn’t too sure what to make of this strange lady.  Let the fun begin!

2.  Mika got to meet her great-grandmother for the first time (and vice versa). It’s not every day that a six week old little girl and a 96-year-old whippersnapper get to bond together.  It was truly a special moment.  Mika managed to sleep through the entire meeting, even when Mom’s hold almost ended up with Mika’s feet pointing north and her head pointing south.

3.  Taking turns holding our granddaughter – Proud PawPaw couldn’t get enough of looking at that darling little girl asleep in his arms.  Nana, on the other hand, has been the official waker-upper.  It seems if I hold her, she wakes up and starts fussing a lot of the time.  I think it must be because I am just too exciting for a newborn, eh?  Although, she does seem to enjoy me marching around the house with her, swaying her back and forth and singing “Rock-a-bye, Mika” and other arrangements.  I’m also having a lot of fun when we put her in the bouncy seat and I get to do the “voices” of the three little stuffed animals that are hanging from the handle.  Rocky Raccoon, Olly the Owl, and Howie the Hedgehog have quite a rivalry going trying to vie for Mika’s attentions.

4.  I’m relieved that I still remember how to change a baby. After all, it’s been about 24 years since I changed a diaper.  But today I changed Mika’s dirty diaper and we both survived.  Although I will admit that I was a tad puzzled as to why the tabs seemed to be going from the front to the back until I realized that I had the diaper reversed and needed to turn it around.  Well, I still remembered the one-handed leg lift so I made short order of lifting that little bum and getting the diaper set to rights.  Mika seemed none the worse for wear and I would have given myself a pat on the back but I decided that perhaps it would be wiser to wash my hands instead.

5.  Celebrating Christmas for the third time with Jason, Laura and Mika – It was so much fun to watch the kids unwrap the things I had knit or sewn for Mika.  And then there were the felted mice slippers.  I didn’t make these.  I purchased them from a very talented lady on Etsy.  I’ve been just dying to see them on Mikayla.  Last evening, when we opened presents, we  got to snap a picture of them on Mika.  I know that she doesn’t look too impressed in this photo but trust me, they are as cute as can be and just perfect for such a cute little munchkin.  Someday she’ll thank her Nana for such an “Awwww” moment.

And that’s the news from our home.  What are your fave five moments from this past week?  To share yours or to read what others are writing, visit Susanne’s site at Living to Tell the Story.  And now we’re going to go sit by the fire and enjoy the lights of the Christmas tree while the snow falls outside (which is #6 technically, but there’s nothing like a good blizzard to get this Midwesterner smiling).


3 Responses

  1. You sound like you are having an absolute blast being a Nana. Mika is absolutely adorable and cracks me right up the way she sleeps with Pawpaw and wakes up with you. Your whole post made me smile and makes me look forward to one day being a grandma too. And what a precious photo of greatgrandmother and baby.

  2. Such sweet pictures of a sweet time!

    Enjoy your week. I am SO looking forward to the time when I can hold a grandchild!

  3. Hi! I came to your blog through the Parents of Missionaries site (although I also participate in Friday’s Favorite Five, I don’t think I’ve been here before). I’ve been enjoying some of your past posts but I’m confused…..and correct me if I am wrong… have a SON Jason, married to Laura? and you have a DAUGHTER Laura, married to Jason?

    As I understand it is your Son that is a missionary – but they are arriving from Vancouver where, I assume, they are on furlough for the birth of their daughter. Would that mean that your DIL is Canadian? When will they be going ‘back’ and where will that be?

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