Preparing the Nest

Okay, it dawned on me that I probably should have some supplies on hand for changing a baby in preparation for my granddaughter’s arrival so I gathered some boxes of wipes, earth-friendly cleaning spray safe for use around babies (and yes, I know I don’t spray it on their bottoms), deodorant capsules to go in the diaper pail, and waterproof pads to put down on the makeshift changing table.

The next thing I realized was that babies need to be bathed rather regularly so I’d best come up with something that the kids could use while here.  I know they could probably use a folded up towel in the bathtub in a pinch but this was so cute and a reasonable price so I thought, “Why not?”  Plus it folds up flat so that will be great for their cross-country drive from PA to Texas with the baby.

I figured that I’d better have some place for them to put the soiled diapers after they change the baby.  Years ago, when my mum was living with us and using diapers herself, I had bought a Diaper Genie but I had returned it pretty quickly because I couldn’t figure the darn thing out.  This version is one that I know I can handle.  And of course we have a travel bed for the baby which will also be handy as they travel around the country.

I’ve been working hard these past few days at emptying out the two dressers in the guest room and both closets so that they will have plenty of room to put their clothes and other things they might be bringing along with them.  Heaven help me when I try to find it all after they leave.  Of course it did give me a good push to go through clothes that had been in closets for several years and not worn and now those have been taken to donation centers.

The Commander has been busy taking all the old padding and upholstery off my old rocking chair and putting in new padding and new upholstery.  This old rocker was my grandmother’s and it has particular sentimental value to me.  You see, I rocked and nursed my son in this rocker.  And now his daughter will be rocked and nursed in this old chair.  Life comes around full circle, doesn’t it?

So I think I’m fairly well prepared now for the upcoming arrival of son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby.  I still have these little jolts when I get the feeling that I should be cramming , my nose buried in Dr. Spock’s manual or whatever it is they use these days.  Hopefully I haven’t forgotten whatever skills I possessed as a mother of young infants.  So what am I missing?

Oh, that’s right!  We’re missing the baby!  But it won’t be long now.  And I can hardly wait to see all three of them.


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