Is the Week Over Yet?

What a week this has been.  I’m pretty glad that it is wrapping up, to tell you the truth and not just gearing up.  But since this is the day that I talk about Friday’s Fave Five, I guess I’ll have to talk instead about the five “challenges” I encountered this week.

1.  The Nose of Doom – this nose has been the bane of my existence since I was a kid.  It never lets me breathe freely at the best of times and, when it’s congested, it leaves me gasping for air.  It torments me in the night by closing off air to first one nostril and then the other, making me toss from one side to the other trying to get the darn thing to unclog.  This week I’ve been struggling with a sinus infection which moved into bronchitis.  That lowered my voice and set me to coughing.  You wouldn’t believe the number of times I answered the phone this week and had people think I was my husband.    And I can’t sleep at night because of the coughing.  Enough, already!

2.  Popping Pills – To counteract the “Nose of Doom,” I had to haul out the Sudafed and then the Mucinex for the coughing.   Unfortunately, I’m real sensitive to meds and that means that I’ve been going around pretty groggily all week.  Of course, the fact that I’ve not been able to get much sleep might have something to do with it, also.

3.  I melted the oven. Well, technically, I don’t think I had anything to do with it except for turning the oven on.  I was hosting a luncheon at my home and one of the guests had brought some appetizers that needed to be warmed up.  She told me to set the oven to a certain temperature and put the tray in.  I did and went about my hostess duties.  About 10 minutes later, I suggested we go check on the appetizers.  When I opened the door, the heating element was collapsed on one side and reduced to ashes in parts and was burning on the other side.  Yikes!  My poor friend thought it was her dish that did it but it wasn’t.  It was just the element’s time to go……AGAIN!  This is the second element we’ve gone through.  I think this stove is the original one that was put in when the house was built so that means it is at least 18 years old.  Well, it’s out of here.  We’re going to be shopping for a new stove next week.  In the meantime, the stovetop still works so I’m still cooking.

4.  We had a gas fireplace insert installed this week. Now this isn’t really a bad thing but getting it done wasn’t the greatest timing.  First we had to have the chimney sweep out earlier in the week.  That meant I had to shut Fresca the Wonder dog in a back bedroom so she wouldn’t eat him and then I had to listen to her bark non-stop for 2 hours.  Then today the fireplace log guys arrived and I had to listen to another 2 hours of Fresca barking.  She is certainly persistent.  Once it was installed, they instructed me on how to light the pilot, in case it is out.  My “deer in the headlights” look must have caught their attention because they wrapped it up quickly and kindly mentioned that everything they’d just said was written in the instruction manual which they’d be leaving with me.  Hallelujah!  Of course, now that I can have a nice, crackling fire, I’m more than ready for a lovely blanket of snow to fall so that I can snuggle down on the couch with a good book, a cup of hot cocoa, and a cozy fire.

5.  This last thing is not a bad thing at all.  Mika turned one month old this past week. It is amazing to realize that one month ago, our little granddaughter was just coming into the world.  And now, in four short weeks, her little personality is already showing itself and she has endeared herself to all the family.  Plus I am amazed at how much a baby can change in just one month.   I know this must have happened with my own two but somehow you forget as the years go by.

That’s it for my Friday Five.  Visit Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story to see what others are writing about for their Friday Fave Five.


6 Responses

  1. You certainly did have some challenges this week. May next week be easier because of the strength you gained this week!

    Mika is absolutely adorable. Have great fun with her!

  2. what a cutie, sorry for your oven trouble we have some here as well, our family can relate to how you feel about the nose deal and not being able to breathe

  3. Even if you remember these things with your kids it’s an entirely different world with a granddaughter. They worm their little selves right into your heart and you love them so very much. And yours really is a doll!

    And you’ve really had a week! Hoping it gets better soon and you can drop the meds.

  4. 1. Glad I got my Dad’s nose, 2. Keep popping those pills so you get better…otherwise we might have to quarantine you from Mika if that Bronchitis doesn’t improve, 3. Can you fix the oven before we arrive so we can enjoy some good home cooking?, 4. Fireplace looks nice, 5. Do you want a night shift with Mika when we arrive?

  5. Maybe you should have given Fresca a Sudafed. HAHAHA!

    You have a beautiful granddaughter. And a fun blog!

  6. Your granddaughter is beautiful. She has the most incredible eyes.

    Enjoy that new fireplace and feel better soon!

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