So Easy a Child Can Do It

I’ve been watching what I eat since last summer and losing weight slowly but steadily.  Since I’m on the right track, I figured perhaps I should also add some exercise to the mix.  The problem is that I hate exercising anything but my brain.

Well, I was up on the Ravelry knitters’ website the other day and some of the knitters were talking about how much they were enjoying “hooping.”  What in the world?  It sounded intriguing?  Several ladies posted links to some hooping sites on the Web and some YouTube videos of just normal, everyday folks hoop dancing.  Wow, they looked so graceful.  The YouTube ladies looked like they were having a blast.  This was not the type of hula hooping that I remembered from my high school days.

Impulsively, I decided to order the exercise DVDs and an exercise hoop from one of the sites.  I could hardly wait for them to arrive.  Well, this week the box was delivered and my joy evaporated when I saw that the hoop was coiled into a small coil.  There were instructions included showing me how to uncoil it into a big, beautiful hoop.  I was going to be in BIG trouble.  I knew this from past experience.  Nothing has ever gone smoothly for me that has involved assembly, unless you count my children.  Lucky for them, I didn’t get my hands on them until AFTER they were born or who knows what they would have looked like if I’d tried to put them together in the womb?

I tried to uncoil that darn hoop but it was not cooperating at all.  I swear I followed the directions as best I could.  I referred to the pictures and tried again and again but the hoop was not having any of it.  I really should have just set it aside at this point and waited until my hubby came home and asked for his help.  The Commander has no problems at all assembling things.  It’s a knack that he has.   It’s just that I couldn’t see how hard it could be to uncoil something into a circle.  I did NOT want to admit that this thing had gotten the best of me.

The result is one spectacularly “kinked” hoop.  I seriously doubt that I’ll be doing any hoop dancing with this thing.  Do you think it’s a sign?  Maybe hoop dancing isn’t for me.  On the other hand, they DO sell collapsible travel hoops that are shipped in four pieces and all you have to do is pop them together like pop-it beads  when they arrive.  How hard could that be?


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