Reaching Out to Help

The first thing my husband mentioned this morning to me was the fact that Haiti had been hit by a massive earthquake.  Port-au-Prince was particularly hard hit with massive casualties expected.  I don’t know how familiar you are with the country of Haiti but it is one of the poorest countries in the world.   The Commander spent time there courtesy of the Navy and he tells me that the  living conditions of the people were terrible under the best of circumstances.  Add in the earthquake devastation and you now have people who are really suffering.

The CIA World Factbook says that almost 80% of the country’s population are living below the poverty line and over 50% are living in abject poverty.  As I look around me at my modest but comfortable home filled with my yarn and books and other things that I love, I’m struck yet again by the amount of “stuff” that I have and by comparison, how little so many others in the world have.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, of “Yarn Harlot” fame, has put out a call for all knitters to please consider donating to the organization “Doctors Without Borders” (DOB).    You can read her post about it here.  This organization has doctors, medical staff, and field hospitals ready to go to Haiti to help those who have been injured by the quake.  Some of their staff were already in that country and working in a hospital there which is now completely destroyed.  Awhile back, Stephanie set up an informal group called “Knitters Without Borders” and she’s been keeping a tally of how much knitters have donated to the Doctors Without Borders group.  We’re a generous group.  But she’s run up the “Knit Signal” and put out the call.  We need to rally again and donate to Doctors Without Borders so that they’ll have the funds to send staff and supplies to help.  She’s provided information about Doctors Without Borders, along with links to their home page and donation page here.  Goodness, you don’t even have to be a knitter to donate to this worthy group.    I’ve also included a link straight to the Doctors Without Borders site to the right on this blog page.

So if you find yourself looking around your home tonight and being thankful that you are protected from the cold, consider popping over to donate, even if it’s just a few dollars, to some real heroes and heroines who will be heading out to help folks who have no roof at all over their heads.


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  1. Dee,
    Thank you for sharing this with all of us.
    In particular, we have a Compassion child, age 16, who lives in Haiti and is the same age as my son. We are praying that he and his family are OK, as well as we are sending money for relief. I agree with you that Doctors Without Borders is a great organization to donate to. They are well acquainted with disaster for years. If I were to serve as a nurse abroad then I would be honored and terrified to be part of their outreach. I cannot imagine the pain of so many Haitians and it breaks my heart to see these people suffering. Pray and give is about as much as we can do.

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