What DO They Dream About?

Our little granddaughter, Mikayla already has us so entranced that we just can’t get enough of her.  Since we’ve only seen her via pictures and Skype, we keep clamoring for “more pictures.”  One thing is already quite apparent – Mika is quite the ham.  Even asleep, she is a young lady of many faces.

Don’t you wonder what in the world a newborn baby dreams about?  I suppose it COULD be just gas or indigestion but I like to think that this little sweet pea already is developing a quirky outlook on life and that her imagination is running full tilt, even in her sleep.  Here are some other cute faces from a recent nap time.

“Not a care in the world.  Yeah!  I’ve got it made in the shade.  I’m living on Easy Street.”    Oh, yeah, Baby!”

And when she’s awake, she’s still a little character.  Oh, boy….are we going to have fun when she gets here.  I can hardly wait !


3 Responses

  1. Very cute! Look at all that gorgeous hair!

  2. Wow, you must have the cutest, smartest, funniest, and loving granddaughter in the world. Your son must be sooooo happy to be her father!

  3. AAAHHHH….what a proud nana you must be!

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