Ringing in 2010 – Kind Of

This is what we woke up to on New Year’s Eve.  More snow!  I think this might be the winter that we actually have appreciable snow.  The last 6 or 7 winters have been real busts but this year has been bitter cold and blustery and snowy.  It’s also following a pattern that I saw 0ver 12 years ago when we were still living up on a ridge in the country…….snow or ice every Wednesday and Saturday evening during the winter.  It really played havoc with church activities, I’ll tell you.

With the snow outside, I decided to stay as warm as I could in my drafty house so I hunkered down with the new cookbook that my daughter gave me and made some appetizers for the evening ahead.  My new cookbook is The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond.  If you’ve never checked out Ree’s blog, “The Pioneer Woman,” you should head over there right now for a quick peek.  Ree is a city girl who was swept off her feet by a cowboy and now she lives on a ranch with her cowboy husband and their children.  She writes a wonderful blog and also cooks up great comfort food hearty enough for a man’s man.  I’m getting sidetracked here but I do enjoy her blog and I think you might, too.  Anyway, I made some great pico de gallo and some guacamole up for the Commander and me to enjoy on New Year’s Eve out of her cookbook.

Armed with our appetizers and a movie from Netflix, we headed down to the family room in the evening to watch Van Helsing until it was time to ring in the New Year.  “Van Helsing” is a 2004 movie that stars Hugh Jackman.  I hadn’t heard anything about it beforehand but I enjoy Hugh Jackman so figured it would be an entertaining way to spend the evening.  Oh my goodness!  This movie was sooooo bad!  I honestly didn’t know if they were seriously TRYING to do a spoof on horror films or if they were aiming for a serious horror film.  I hope it was the former because if it was the latter, all I can say is “Yikes.”  This movie had Dracula, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and werewolves all lumped into the same movie.  Oh, and throw in some little characters who look like ewoks and “maybe” an angel.

So there we sat, the Commander and me, eating nacho chips and dip, and watching this horror of a horror film.  The Commander had utilized the “picture within a picture” feature on our TV so that he could keep track of the New Year countdown activities as we watched the film.  Wouldn’t you know, despite the dubious quality of the film, we got caught up in the action and were on the homestretch, getting to the final climax of the movie, when the Commander noticed that it was now 12:10 a.m. and that we had MISSED the arrival of 2010 entirely.

“Hey, Honey,” he said.  “It’s 2010.  We missed the ball dropping in Times Square.  It’s already the New Year.”

“Quiet,” I ordered.  “We have to see if Van Helsing gets the werewolf antidote in time.”

And so we sat, glued to the TV screen until the final credits rolled.  When it was all over, the Commander reached over to play the “Bloopers” from the movie.

“What are you doing?”, I asked.  “The whole movie was a blooper.  Why don’t you switch to a regular channel and see if we can find a replay of someone dropping something when 2010 arrived.”

It was at that point that Schatze, the dog we are babysitting decided to come downstairs to see what we were doing.  She jumped up on my lap and I gave her a quick cuddle.  That little dog is quick.  Before I could stop her, she planted a big, wet kiss on my face.

“Aw, Honey,” I said.  “I can’t believe this.  It’s 2010 and the first kiss I got was from a dog.”

At which point, Schatze was firmly deposited on the floor and 2010 was welcomed in properly, despite Van Helsing and crew.


2 Responses

  1. A horror of a horror movie and dog kisses–it can only get better than that during the new year! Wishing you a happy, healthy one!

  2. I bought a copy of Ree’s cookbook, too! I enjoyed looking at all the pictures! LOL

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