Christmas Number Two

Daughter Laura and son-in-law Jason came up yesterday to celebrate Christmas with us (our second Christmas celebration this year).  We were kidding them that we were holding their gifts hostage until they showed up but not really.  On the real Christmas Day, it was their turn to spend it with Jason’s family so that’s why we enjoyed the holiday all over again after the fact.

Of course I made each of them the 2009 pillowcases.  Laura got a “Feline Newspaper” pillowcase and she had lots of fun reading all the kitty columns in the fabric.  They were quite witty.  Jason got a “What Happens in the Woods, Stays in the Woods” hunter’s pillowcase with cute hunting cartoons on the fabric.

Although Jason’s big gift this year was a big ladder that you can put into quite a few different positions, I think he had the most fun with this little “gag” gift.  It shoots out Nerf suction tipped “bullets” and he amused himself by shooting them at different targets around the room.  Poor Bailey, the cat.  I suspect he might be the moving target at their home.

I also thought Jason needed a “Man Cave” sign for his special room at their new home.  I hear that Laura is trying to encroach into it so I think he needs to firmly stake his claim on that room by posting this sign by the door.  I’d also suggest getting a lock and not giving Laura the key or he might find it full of craft supplies.

Speaking of craft supplies, Laura has been wanting a cutting table for her sewing room so we got her one for Christmas along with a cutting mat to put on top of it.  She should be all set now to start on those projects she has been putting off around the house that require cutting out fabric.

For my grandcat, Bailey….of course I had to get him a new selection of hats to wear, including a really cute “elf” hat with little feet that dangle on the sides.  I can hardly wait until they send me pictures of him wearing these hats.  Laura wasn’t too sure about subjecting Bailey to this nonsense but Jason was all for it.  He loves to get the cat into a ridiculous hat and then send a picture of the poor guy looking about as annoyed as a cat can look.  Too funny.

After opening presents and playing some games, we headed out to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie which we all really enjoyed.  I can’t wait to see the next movie that I’m sure they will be making in the series.  Then it was off to eat at a local Italian restaurant and back home where we made Bananas Foster.   I let the Commander and Jason be in charge of lighting the rum on fire since I don’t trust myself around flames.  The final product was definitely worth it.

Although I had meant to dish out the ice cream ahead of time and have it sitting in the freezer getting super hard, I had forgotten to do this.  Therefore, when we dished the bananas foster over the ice cream, it quickly got soupy.  Not to worry.  It still tasted delicious.  It was a nice end to a lovely day.  And I’m glad the kids got home before the snow arrived.  Have a great New Year’s Eve and stay warm and safe.


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  1. As always, cute and thoughtful gifts Mom. Sounds like you all had a great time. Any banana foster left for when we arrive?

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