They All Look Like Uncle Cliff

I’ve always thought that each of my babies looked like my Uncle Cliff when they were newborns.  In other words, they looked like my crusty eighty-year old uncle who was, among other things,  a sailor with the Great White Fleet, a fireman for many years, an inventor, and a poet.  I’m not sure why I’ve thought this but, except for the lack of a cigar hanging out of one side of their mouth, each one of my babies has looked like him when first born.

I have to revise this family tradition now.  I think my little granddaughter, Mikayla, reminds me of one of the giant Olmec stone heads.  All she needs is one of those helmets  like the colossal heads are wearing and she could have been one of the models for whoever sculpted those heads.  Now it is only in this picture that she reminds me of the Olmec heads.  Go ahead, look them up in Google Images and see if you don’t agree.  In every other picture I’ve seen, she looks like a little princess but in this picture, she looks quite formidable.

Prior to a short .pdf birth announcement via email this morning, we hadn’t heard anything more from our new family since they called us shortly after her birth on Friday.  My imagination has been running rampant.  Had they come home from the hospital to find their apartment had been burglarized and all their belongings gone?  (Probably not)  Were they completely exhausted from the new experience of sleepless nights and occasional cat naps?  (Very likely)  Were they sitting in the apartment all crying their eyes out?  (Get a grip, Nana!  Probably not!)  Were they discovering that babies poop a lot and trying to keep them in clean cloth diapers in an apartment without a washer and dryer and no deep sink can be a challenge?  (I’ll betcha)  Were they so enchanted with this new little life that they’re finding it hard to focus on anything outside their four walls?  (Most likely)  And so at 4 a.m. I was lying there in bed reminding myself that no news did not mean bad news.  It just meant that they were busy.

And so I shall try to resist the temptation today to check my email every 5 minutes and Facebook every 10 minutes to see if they’ve sent or posted a new picture of Mikayla.  For it certainly looks like they’ve got everything under control.  However, I would advise them that if she shows a sudden inclination to reach for a cigar or cuss like a sailor, to call me.


2 Responses

  1. I googled–you’re right! Too funny!

  2. Awww, congratulations Grandma! Loved that photo!

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