Five Things I’m Thankful For With a Child in Labor

Here it is Friday evening and I’m just getting around to posting my Fave Friday list.  I was purposely holding off, hoping to have baby news to post but alas, our grandbaby has yet to make an appearance.  Boy, I used to drag out my own 24-hour in-hospital hard labor war story when women would be trading tales of childbirth but no longer.  Nope!  My daughter-in-law has topped that and must hold the new record.  She went into the hospital Wednesday morning to be induced.  Well, it is now Friday evening around 6:30 p.m. and she is still in labor, bless her heart.  I think that she’s up to about 66 hours or more now.   If this goes on much longer, I will not only be sleep-deprived but have eaten everything in the house from sheer nerves.  But in all this, I can list five things that I’m mighty thankful for during this.

1.  Internet in labor rooms – We didn’t have that when I was birthing babies.  Goodness, we didn’t even have cellphones back then.  But thanks to the fact that there is internet service available in the hospital where the kids are, our son has been able to send out fairly regular updates to both families.

2.  Facebook – It has been very handy to be able to give brief updates through the “status” feature on my home page so that my friends can see what is happening just as soon as I type in the update.

3.  Email – I’ve been sending out email updates for those who aren’t up on Facebook which has been keeping the phone free for that all-important call, when it finally comes.

4.  Smart phones that are web-enabled – This really ties in with the first three things.  Life has been going on out here in Pennsylvania despite the baby drama being played out on the West Coast so I’ve had to be on the road for this meeting or that class or function.  It is so nice to be able to check my email from my phone whenever I hear that little chime that means new email has arrived.  I can also post on Facebook from my phone, send email, and of course, answer the phone, should it ever ring.  And I can send and receive text messages which is also a quick way to update family and friends without tying up the phone.

5.  The many family and friends who are praying for our daughter-in-law, son, and little grandchild. Knowing that so many are bathing this little family in prayer means so much to me.  It’s easy to feel helpless being so far from the situation but that’s just when I need to remind myself that my Father, the Great Physician is right there beside them and has been all along.  He has it under control.

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5 Responses

  1. Congradulations on your coming blessing of a new grandchild. What a beautiful Christmas present your family is recieving.
    I hope everything goes well for you all.

  2. Oh my! I’ll be praying too now that I know what’s up! And let me know when the little one arrives!

    Isn’t technology WONDERFUL!?

  3. Facebook, email, cell phones — they really do make us feel more connected to each other when it’s important (like now, when your grandbaby is making his/her way into the world!).

  4. Things have changed so much, haven’t they? Its amazing. I like the way things are now because I think we can stay in touch better.

    Hope your grandbaby is born soon!

  5. Well I am really late commenting so didn’t know this news. I must head to your home page to catch up! I’m so excited for you!

    No FFF on Christmas Day. We’ll be back next week!

    Merry Christmas!

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