Posts From the Maternity War Zone

No baby yet, my friends.  So I’m giving you a little pic of MY Laura, when she was a newborn in the hospital.  But I have received some updates from our son, straight from the labor room at the hospital in Vancouver.  Last night he emailed us the first update.  It went something like this:

It sounds like a war zone outside of our room.  We can hear groans interspersed with screams.  When I look out the door, I see men wandering around with dazed looks.

I’m paraphrasing his post slightly but not much.  It’s pretty much what he had to say.  Oh, he also mentioned that he got a little mixed up when he was supposed to be coaching his wife through her contractions.  His Laura had ordered a pregnancy hypnosis course early on in her pregnancy which was supposed to guide her and her husband through a series of exercises to use when she went into labor to control the discomfort.  Well, our son was supposed to say something like:  You are feeling anesthesia from your neck down to your knees. However, he got a little flustered and said instead, You are feeling AMNESIA from your neck down to your knees. His poor wife!  Can you just imagine if the hypnosis thing works?  She might come out of the contraction and say to herself, “Where the heck am I and where did this watermelon come from?”  Oy vey!

His last post came late last night saying that the contractions were slowing down and that Laura was napping while he was sitting there eating a muffin and enjoying a great cup of coffee.  Oh, my!  I reminded the dear boy that it was probably not a good idea to be eating in front of your laboring wife, sleeping or not.  Well, that was about 10:30 p.m. Eastern time last night.  We haven’t heard anything yet this morning.  So here we all are, trying to go about our normal routines while checking our email every few minutes and keeping our phones close at hand.    I figure everything is still quiet on the western front or they’re hunkered down trying to visualize anesthesia from their necks to their knees.


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