Of Babies and Bedrooms

Well, today is the day that my daughter-in-law who is expecting our first grandchild is supposed to be induced.  She was supposed to be admitted into the hospital last night and the induction was to start today but she was “bumped”.  Guess all the labor and delivery rooms were full last night.  So the hospital will be calling them this morning to tell them when to come in today.    So while I wait, I might as well show you how the bedroom renovations came out.

When last we spoke about the master bedroom, I discussed how we had to resort to painting over the atrocious wallpaper because the previous owners had glued the darn stuff directly onto the drywall.  That stuff was on there so tight that there was no way it was coming off.  So the picture on the left is how the bedroom looked prior to our redecorating.

Here’s the bedroom now.  Do you like the difference?  We painted the walls a warm chocolate color.  The wood trim was painted ivory.  I donated the lamps and bedspread to charity and got new matching lamps and a bedspread set from Penney’s.  The curtains are also from Penney’s and a champagne color.  Our rug was a bright blue.  We replaced it with a rug that is between an ivory and champagne color.

I would have liked to have replaced our two recliners with two coordinating chairs for a lounge area but the recliners were still in excellent shape and quite comfortable.  So I ended up finding some light beige stretch slipcovers and we put those on the recliners and they work fine.  I originally had both recliners in my little seating area but my hubby really wanted the one recliner back beside his side of the bed so back it went.  That still leaves a little reading area on one side of the room.  I put a little round table that we had in our sunroom over there and covered it in a rich ivory tablecloth and lace topper.  A cheap $2 rattan placemat gives it some interest on top and I topped the whole thing with another cheap “vase” I found at T.J. Maxx which is actually a spaghetti holder and tucked some coordinating fake flowers in it.

The Commander replaced the pink accordian shades with these light beige accordian shades that don’t have cords.  You just push them up and pull them down to whatever height you want them at.  I really like them.  I had originally thought I wanted something a little more customized but when we started looking at blinds and window treatments, I discovered that they cost an arm and a leg.  No thanks!  We got these at Home Depot right off the shelf and they cut them to our measurements.  The only other thing I would have liked to have done was to have some light sconces installed on the wall here by the reading nook and on either side of the triple dresser but the Commander said that it would be beyond his electrical capabilities.  Well, that’s not entirely the case.  He could have done it but he didn’t want to drill holes in the wall.

In case you want to know how we painted over the wallpaper, here is the method we used which worked for us and gave us very nice results.  It was recommended to us from a good friend who first used it in her home, also with great results (thanks, Kat!):

  1. Remove any old wallpaper that isn’t adhering to the drywall.  This includes seams as well as edges of the old wallpaper, including what is underneath light switch and outlet plates.  Also check for any bubbles in the wallpaper.  If you find some, cut these out with a razorblade or exacto knife.  You want to make sure that all the old wallpaper that remains on the wall is really stuck in place.
  2. Put on a thin layer of joint compound on the areas where the old wallpaper and drywall meet as well as along the old wallpaper seams so they can’t be seen.  Let this compound dry.
  3. With fine sandpaper, lightly sand the dry joint compound to make a smooth transition between the old wallpaper and the drywall.
  4. Vacuum all of the walls and lightly wipe them down with a damp (not wet) cloth to remove any dust, especially from the joint compound so that there is a clean surface.  Let dry.
  5. Apply KILZ brand Oil-based primer, covering the whole surface well.  Depending on the pattern of the wallpaper, you might have to do several coats.  Let dry.
  6. Once the oil-based primer is dry, then you can apply the desired top coat of latex paint.  Don’t worry about using latex paint on top of the oil-based primer.  It is best to paint on this top coat as soon as the primer has dried so that it will adhere better.  However, our friend had a family emergency after putting the primer on and had to leave it for 2 weeks before putting on the latex top coat and hers turned out fine.
That’s all there is to the procedure.  Of course, if you can get the wallpaper off, that is always the better fix but there are times when getting wallpaper off will damage a wall more than leaving it on so if you find yourself in that boat, this might be of help.
Now, I think I’ll go back to playing the “waiting game.”  Who knows, I might be a grandma the next time I blog.

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  1. The bedroom looks so restful and beautiful. Lovely!

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