Pillowcase Gifts

The annual production of handmade pillowcases has begun for my family.  Yes, each year I diligently sit down to think of a unique theme for each family member that can be translated into a pillowcase.  The theme is usually associated with a hobby or passion of theirs.  Then I go into a sewing frenzy before Christmas to get them all finished before the holidays.

My family always exchanges Christmas presents with my brother and his family at Thanksgiving so, since they already have their pillowcases, I can show you what they got this year.  My brother, a big University of Michigan football fan (Go Blue!) got a pillowcase made from U of M fabric accented with a border on the end made from fabric that featured football helmets.  Unfortunately, you can’t see that accent fabric in this picture.

My nephew, John got a pillowcase that featured a Retro Bowling fabric.  I kind of goofed on his pillowcase this year because he reminded me after he opened it that it would go well with the other bowling pillowcase that I had given him.  Drat!  I had vaguely remembered sewing a bowling pillowcase for the family one year but I thought I had given it to my brother.  Oh well!  At least this particular pillowcase is a “retro” look bowling pillowcase as opposed to the more modern fabric that I had used for the other one.  John loves to bowl and so it was a logical choice for him.  I swear I’ll do better next year at remembering who has already received what.  I REALLY wanted to do a pillowcase in disc golf fabric but no one seems to make any like that.

Nephew Kevin got another “pinup” pillowcase.  He already has several in his collection but none featuring island girls. He’s in the Army and might be getting stationed in Hawaii so I thought this could go right along with his possible orders.  Last year I gave him an Army pillowcase and I’m not sure how well he slept on a pillowcase of soldiers and armored tanks so I thought I’d cut him some slack this year.

For my sister-in-law, Rose I picked a fabric that featured ladies who are more our age just out having fun.  This particular pattern is called “Beach Divas” and it is a hoot.  Since Rose and I always have a lot of fun on our adventures, I thought that this pillowcase would be a good reminder of all of our good times and how it is a good thing not to take yourself too seriously.  I know that we never do.

Now that I have those done and gifted, I can get back to sewing yet again as I start the pillowcases for the rest of the family who will have to wait until Christmas to receive theirs.

If you’ve never tried making pillowcases for presents, they aren’t hard at all and can be made up very quickly.  With all the wonderful novelty fabrics that are currently available, the hardest part will be figuring out what fabric you should use for which person.


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