Fave Five Fiber Whee’s

Today is Friday and it’s time for another list of “five.”  I’m a little late today because of one of my five things I’m going to be listing.  Today all five things are centered around fiber. Are you sensing a theme.  Of course, next Friday, they might all be centered around food and family but there you go….the natural bent of my mind in November, when the winds turn chill and Thanksgiving is on the horizon.  Let’s get started with this week’s Fave Five, shall we?

1.  I have some gorgeous Madelinetosh Worsted yarn lined up for my next shawl project. Isn’t this a yummy color?  I’ve reserved it for a shawl pattern called “Mara” which has a body that is knit in garter stitch and finished off in a pleated border.  I’m almost done with the current shawl on my needles so I’m anxious to start this one, although our local lace knitter’s group picked a different shawl to knit together as a group so I might have to tackle that pattern first.  Then again, maybe I’ll cast on for the group knit, knit enough to give me something to work on at the next meeting and then start this beauty.

2.  I finished another Christmas present. This one is a cowl which will be going to my sister-in-law.  It is the “Thermis Neck Warmer” designed by Kristen Patay.  It was a really easy knit and it is going to be so cozy for her.  I knit it up in Malabrigo yarn which is exceptionally soft and cuddly against the skin.  She lives in Michigan near Detroit.  Detroit has often been referred to as “Motown” in the past but every winter it seems to be called “Snowtown” so I’m sure she’ll be grateful for something to block those frigid winds.  If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that you can knit up quickly, I’d highly recommend this pattern which is available as a .pdf file online through Ravelry.

3.  I attended my first ever spinning guild meeting. Thanks to the kind invitation from a former coworker who belongs to a local spinning guild, I was able to join them today for several hours of spinning and chatting.  Turns out that I know two ladies in the group.  I was SO nervous before I got there since I’m a fairly new spinner that the butterflies were doing somersaults in my stomach.  But the other spinners made me feel right at home.  I was going to bring my Lendrum but decided at the last minute to bring my Louet Victoria, since one of the main reasons I had purchased it was to have something extra portable to take to things such as this.  I’m happy to report that she worked like a champ.  And I’ve found a group of kindred spirits who  like to play with fiber as much as I do.

4.  I’ve started the second square for my Great American Aran Afghan. This is actually the first square in the book but it’s the second square that our knitting class is doing.  It is the square designed by Judy Sumner.  If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that the designer has some lovely “X”s and “O”s on each side and a meanering vine but then she mucks it up with a bulbous spider on the right and some flies or bees on the honeycomb portion in the corner of the square.  No offense to the designer but I am NOT a bug lover.  The thought of cuddling up with a 3-dimensional spider on my afghan doesn’t exactly thrill me.  At first I thought I’d go ahead and knit it up as written but I’m thinking more and more that I might leave off the spider and other bugs and add a 3-dimensional knitted flower or two instead.

5.  I finished another sweater for my expected granddaughter. This is a pattern called “Abagail’s Sweater” designed by Kay Squared.  I used Dream in Color Classy yarn in the colorway “Happy Forest”, which just happens to be the same yarn (and a similar lace pattern) to a sweater I knit for myself earlier in the year.  I think it came out so cute.  Of course, it also came out to be probably around a size 2T but maybe she can wear it earlier.  It is hard to tell.  When your children are in their late twenties, it is hard to remember how big (or small) they were when they were babies.

And there you have my Fave Fives for this week.  Check out Living to Tell the Story to see what other bloggers are listing for their fave fives.  Or head over there to see how you can join in the Fave Five fun yourself.



5 Responses

  1. You’re one talented lady! I love the little sweater you made for your granddaughter – she will look sweet in it.

  2. I love all the texture in this post. Your projects are so beautiful.

  3. I love the little sweater you made for your granddaughter. Thanks for visiting me! Karen

  4. Spinning Guilds! Yay! I finally joined our local guild last month. I hope I have time to go to the meetings.

    I’m with you on the bugs and spiders in the knit block. I am not afraid of either one but I wouldn’t want to freak out my daughter who hates spiders.

    Love the little green sweater. You can tell your granddaugther that you and she are twins!

  5. Wow. You sure know your knitting! That is one sweet little sweater for your granddaughter to be!

    Love that plum colored fibre!

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