A Scrappy Weekend

SW Retreat RoomMy weekend Scrapbooking Retreat is over and what a nice weekend it was.  Here is a shot of the conference room where about 18 or so women gathered to scrapbook from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.  We stayed at a local hotel and had the unlimited use of this conference room (and their cappuccino machine – Whee!) to do our scrapbooking.  We even had music piped into our room for us.  The only fly in the ointment for the whole weekend was the heating system.  It was either too cold or too hot.  There was no happy medium.  But I bundled up most of the time so was able to keep my fingers limber enough to scrapbook.

SW Mother Daughter ScrapbookersMy daughter came up from Maryland for the weekend and it was such a treat to spend the time with her.  She kids me by telling me that she’s happy to have found this hobby to share with me because it gives her something to do with me where she won’t be ready to kill me after an hour together.  At least I think she is kidding me.  At any rate, we survived an entire weekend together, even rooming together so it must have worked.  And, shhh, don’t tell anybody, but I think she had a good time, too.  I have to tell you, I am so proud of the lovely young woman she has become, and I don’t mean just her looks.

SW iPhone ResearchLaura has an iPhone and was able to use it this weekend to do some online research as she scrapbooked when she needed to doublecheck some names and places where she had been for her scrapbooking.  Boy, these iPhones are so handy for so many things.  I’m still loving mine, let me tell you.

SW Intense LindaMy friend, Linda was the only other digital scrapbooker there besides me and we really rubbed it in to the other scrapbookers all weekend.  We sat there with our little laptops and not much else, working away on our digital pages while all the others had loads of supplies scattered about them on the tables and on the floor.  When someone would make a mistake and bemoan how they were going to have to try to cover it up, we’d laugh and say “Whoops, we wrote down the wrong thing.  Oh well, looks like a job for the “Undo” button.”   Or if someone would realize that they needed a certain type of paper and had forgotten to bring it, we’d say, “Oh, we have that paper.  Gee, too bad it’s on our computer.”  Oh, we were insufferable.

SW Staring at the ScreenWhen I’d get tired of working on my digital storybooks or pages, I’d take a break and check my email or play some Spider Solitaire.  Yes sir, I was multi-tasking all weekend.  It felt great although it was probably a little dangerous considering the amount of sleep I got (or should I say, the amount of sleep I DIDN’T get).  We really had some late nights.  Both evenings, I went to bed around 1:30 a.m.  which is actually early for me at events like this.  Usually I hold out until about 3 a.m. but for some reason, I was a little beat this past weekend.  I blame it on that pesky time change not too long ago.

SW Slap HappyBy Sunday morning, Linda and I (and most everyone else) were a little slap happy.  For some reason, things seem a lot funnier when you are operating on limited amounts of sleep.  Let’s hope our scrapbook journaling was as witty as we seemed to think it was when it comes back from the printers.  And so we packed up yet again after another fine scrapbooking weekend, my daughter returned safely home, and I’m already looking forward to the Spring Retreat.


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