Fave Friday Whoopees

FFF fall leaves 2It’s time for Friday’s Fave Five and today I’m going to give you a Fave Six.  How’s that for a bonus?  I had such a good week (well, if you count my week as being from last Saturday to today) that I have at least six things I can list for you.  So let’s get right to it, eh?

New Painting Job1.  My hubby has begun the daunting task of painting our Master Bedroom. I say “daunting” because we have a very BIG bedroom and because it is covered in a very gaudy wallpaper that we inherited when we bought the house.  Not only is the wallpaper gaudy but the previous owners actually glued the wallpaper to the dryboard.  No way is all of it coming off without super-human efforts.  So the Commander got some tips from a friend who recently tried this in her house and he is painting over the wallpaper.  It is working like a charm.  But it is at least a 3-step process.   I decided on a warm chocolate color because I have always found brown to be a very calming color in a bedroom and because I needed a color that would cover the horrible wallpaper.

Old WallpaperIf you don’t believe me, here’s a peek at the old wallpaper.  Yup….horrible.  I know, the lamps are horrible, too but they are old lamps that we’ve had since we first got married and they will soon be out of there, too.  The previous owners also painted all the trim and doors a yellowish  color.  We’ll be painting them a nice ivory cream color.  Then there are the pink accordian blinds that came with the house.  Ugh!  Those will be going and replaced with ivory cream sheers over shades.  The last fly in the ointment will be remaining for awhile.  The previous owners carpeted the whole bedroom in blue.  The carpet is still in great shape but it is the only blue left in the entire house.  I have gradually gotten it all out but here.  I have been putting a palate in place in the house of tans and greens and browns.  So I would love to replace that carpet with something neutral so that I could finish the decor in cream, Decoratingpalest beige, spring green accents, and a touch of paprika here and there.  But that’s just not going to fly with the blue carpet and it looks like we’ll be waiting to replace that until at least Spring.

2.  So I’ve been having fun dreaming up decorating schemes. The challenge is to neutralize that blue carpet and I think I’ve got it figured out.  I’m leaning toward a pale, pale seafoam turquoise color for the bedcovers with creamy ivory accents and some cafe au lait accents thrown in.  I’m hoping to create a little seating area where I’ll have a cream colored chair and round table where I can sip coffee and watch the news in the morning.  Tres European, non?

Aran Afghan3.  I started the “Great American Aran Afghan” class at my local yarn shop.  When I first signed up for this class, I just signed up for it to give me an excuse to go and hang out with other knitters.  I didn’t even know what the afghan looked like.  Then I got home and looked it up online.  Yikes!  I almost backed out because it looked really complicated.  But I’m glad that I decided to stay in the class.  We are doing one square a month and for our first class, we started with a square that has a miniature Aran sweater appliqued to the background square.  I have finished one sleeve and am just now starting the body of the sweater.  Loads of fun and also very challenging.

Kindle New Generation4.  My new Kindle arrived this week.  This is the latest generation Kindle (well, not the big DX one or the international one).  It actually stores up to 1500 books in this tiny little device AND it can read the books aloud to me.  My other Kindle was one of the first ones produced.  I love it but it looks like a full-size van compared to a small sedan when I compare it now to the newer version.  Luckily, Amazon lets you share your e-book purchases among Kindles within a family at one address so my hubby is getting my old Kindle and we can read the same books  together.  He doesn’t know this yet but I suspect I’ll tell him soon.  And I actually purchased my new Kindle with my own earnings from selling off some of my excess yarn stash.

Author Tour5.  Tonight the Commander and I will be going to hear one of my favorite authors speak on a book tour. I have read most of Don Miller’s books and he is going to be in York, PA tonight.  Whee!  Joining him will be Susan E. Isaacs, another author and an actress.  She recently wrote a book chronicling her rocky relationship with God over the years that, I understand, is REALLY honest and open but also funny.  It’s based on a one-woman show she has done and I think it will be quite interesting to hear her perspective on her faith journey.  I first became acquainted with Don Miller’s writing through the book “Blue Like Jazz.”  Don marches to a different beat also but first and foremost, loves the Lord.  I always enjoy his honesty and his quirky way of looking at things and have identified so much with some of the things he has said and questioned in his books.  Can’t wait to hear them speak.

6.  I attended a 12-hour Croptoberfest last Saturday and made lots of progress on my digital Digital Scrapbookingscrapbooking. I finished an album of our Minnesota trip and finished pages of quite a few events that have happened this past year.  Now all I have to do is send those off digitally to be printed.  In just a few weeks, my daughter and I will be attending a weekend scrapbooking retreat so I’ll be heading into that well-prepared with a nice list of projects to work on.  I feel SO organized.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

So what are YOU raving about this Friday?  To see what others are talking about, visit Susanne’s blog at Living to Tell the Story.  You can add your own Fave Five from a link there, as well.


4 Responses

  1. I’m loving the colors you have chosen. And we have painted over wallpaper with good success too. I wanted to make my bedroom chocolate brown and sky blue but it didn’t go that way. I couldn’t afford all new bedding. So we stayed with our greens, tans and browns too. A big bedroom sounds like a wonderful retreat!

    Enjoy your evening with the authors.

  2. That knitting class sounds like a lot of fun. I did not know that kindle could read your books to you. That sounds like a feature my husband would really like. Thanks for the info.

  3. I love the brown in your bedroom. Very cozy looking.

    Please keep us posted on your afghan. I can’t imagine doing it; I’m glad people know how to do that kind of stuff.

    Hope you enjoy your Kindle. I’m still riding the fence on whether I want one or not.

    How exciting to hear Don Miller! Hope you’re enjoying it. I loved Blue Like Jazz and look forward to reading his newest book soon.You’ve had a lot of good stuff going on this week!

  4. Oh Dee! Guess what! I am a Lendrum girl too! Lendrum folding Travel double treadle wheel. I dream of the day I own a Lendrum traditional wheel.

    I love the creamy brown on your bedroom walls. It will look great with the sea foam blue and cream.

    The Aran afghan will be fun to do. If you go back through my 2007-8 blogs with the label ‘tkga’ you’ll see the aran sweater I knitted for the 3rd level certification. I love doing aran patterns!

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