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iPhone LifeI don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for neat iPhone applications that I can put on my iPhone.  I found two applications that I’ll tell you about today thanks to the folks at iPhone Life.  If you haven’t checked out their website yet, you can get to it here.   These are the folks who are responsible for the great magazine iPhone Life.  By the way, if you have an iPhone and like to stay on the cutting edge of what’s new with your phone, you should check out their magazine.  I used to get my copy at our local big-name bookstore until I decided to take the plunge and subscribe.

But back to this website…..The iPhone Life website offers blog links devoted to all things iPhone, application reviews, breaking news about iPhone developments, tips, and the requisite advertising (but not the annoying pop-up stuff).  One feature you might want to take advantage of is their weekly email newsletter.  You can sign-up for it here.  I was reading the newsletter today and that’s how I learned about the two apps that are on my iPhone now.

AppClassicsOne of the newsletter articles talked about a site called App Classics.  I’m telling you, this site is great.  You can visit it here.  It shows you the most popular apps on the iPhone and ranks them.    You can click on an app’s icon and it takes you to a screen that describes the application. On that same screen there is a short video clip that shows the app in use.  That alone is a neat feature.  I will say that there is a disclaimer above each of the video clips that says basically that now and then the wrong video might load.  It happened once to me when I clicked on the video that was supposed to be showing the app If Found.  Instead I got some video where a fellow is showing folks how to upgrade their iPhone to a new network, or something like that.  Not a big deal.  I just went over to the iTunes store and found the app and read the reviews over there to make up my mind about purchasing it.

IMG_4720App Classics doesn’t show just the most popular apps.  It also lets you search by category and then has apps in each category.  Thanks to this site, I happened upon a nice little game called Blocked which they rank at #32.  It costs .99 which is more than worth it for this addicting little game.  I like my games simple but with opportunities to increase in difficulty levels, which this has.  You are basically trying to move the colored block over to one side of the screen, where it disappears and you get a whole new screen with another colored block and other blocks to maneuver around.

iPhone Background CategoriesThe other application that I decided to get for my phone was one called Backgrounds.  I took the time to watch the little video where an earnest young man did a fine job of demonstrating how it worked.  Looked simple enough with lots of choices available.  Backgrounds is a free app available at the iTunes store.  It features lots of high quality images that you can get for your wallpaper.  You can browse through the images by categories like “Popular” or “Recent” or other categories like those seen on the right.  Once you find one you like, it is super easy to select it, go to your Settings and set it as your wallpaper.

iPhone WallpaperI picked some nice Greek scenery for my current wallpaper since I’m rather partial to Greece.  After all, I met my hubby, “The Commander” in Greece and we were married in Greece.  Our marriage license is even in Greek.  Ah, fond memories.  So now, whenever I wake up my phone, I can relive those sunny days all over again with just a glance at my wallpaper……at least until I decide to change it to another pic.

I hope I’ve given you some leads in your search for iPhone applications, if you hadn’t heard of these sites before.  Guess I should say here that I’m not affiliated with any of the sites, companies, or applications in any way.  I’m just a girl who loves her iPhone.  Talk to you later!


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  1. Hey interesting site, just want to ask you what spam system you have on your site for filtering out junk websites because I am getting tons on my website.

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