Fall is Time for a Shawl

Traveling Woman with SweaterI promised you some pictures of my two latest finished shawls once they finished drying.  Today was another crisp Fall day and what better time to unpin a shawl then the present?  The first shawl is the Traveling Woman designed by Liz Abinante.  You can find it here along with the free pattern and articles about it.  It is a one-skein shawl, which makes it particularly nice as a stash-buster.  The yarn I used to knit it with is from Twisted Fiber Arts in their Jaunty colorway and their Kabam yarn.  The Kabam is a mix of merino and bamboo which is really a joy to work with.  It has a wonderful drape and sheen to it.  The skein itself was in a special dye technique that Meg has developed called Evolution, which involves long and gradual shifts in color.

Traveling Woman Back ViewHere is how it looks from the back.  As you can see, it is more like a shawlette, which is still loads of fun to wear.  I have found myself over the past month or so, becoming rather enchanted with the smaller shawls.  I guess you can blame it on the upcoming holiday season.  As the holidays draw closer, I realize that I have to get cracking on my gift knitting and big shawl projects don’t really fit into that plan.  Traveling Woman was a quick knit and fun to boot.

Traveling Woman ShawlI think it would look nice over a blouse or coat and secured with a shawl pin, as I’m wearing it here on the left.  Of course, most of you aren’t going to be as round-shouldered as I am so you’ll probably find that you have more of it to play with.  My stooped shoulders tend to draw up a lot of fabric in these shawls.

Gale Shawl_0001The Gale Shawl designed by Anne Hanson was the other shawl that I had blocking.  I started this one quite awhile ago and the poor thing got set aside for some other projects.  Luckily, I decided to finish off what length I had done and give it a good soak to see how it would grow.  Grow it did and I’m quite happy with the result.  This is a rectangular shawl, or stole.  You can find it here.  Anne is one of my favorite designers.  I really don’t think you can go wrong with one of her patterns.    And just as she said, once I vigorously blocked it with wires, its shape (which resembled more a parallelogram rather than a rectangle) straightened right out.

Gale Back ViewHere Gale is from the back.  I knit this shawl from yarn I had bought from Knitpicks several years ago.  It was Knitpicks Essential Solids and Twists in the colorway “Grass.”  I don’t think they sell this yarn anymore, but they probably have something very much like it in their store.  The Gale Stole is incredibly light and yet I think it will add some nice warmth to my fall wardrobe, especially in church or drafty restaurants.Traveling Woman on Chair

Well, have I inspired you to find a pattern and start knitting a shawl or stole yourself?  What are you waiting for?  Before you know it, winter will be here.  Cast on and let’s knit!


2 Responses

  1. So pretty! Nice job! And I love your haircut!

  2. I never would have thought of wearing a shawl….until I saw that green one! stunning!

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