Retreating with the Ladies

WC Sandy Cove WelcomeThis past weekend, a group of ladies from our church headed out to the Sandy Cove Christian Conference Center for their Women’s Weekend.  If you’ve never been to Sandy Cove, it’s located just outside the town of North East, MD long the Chesapeake Bay.  I was particularly excited because my daughter, Laura was driving up straight from work to meet me there and spend the weekend with us.  The theme of the weekend was “Our Life’s Calling – To Glorify God” and the speaker (and musician) was Damaris Carbaugh.

WC View from our RoomThis was the view from our room – the broad, expansive lawn leading down to the water’s edge.  And the weather couldn’t have been nicer.  When we arrived on Friday, we had an evening session but then on Saturday, there was a morning session and then everyone was pretty much free to choose whatever breakout sessions they wanted to do so many folks strolled around the grounds, including us.  There were even some adventure activities for WC Going up the Zip Linethose so inclined.  There was this zip line and also something called a “Big Swing.”  Quite a few of the ladies from our group climbed up the pole and did the zip line but I stayed on terra firma.  Laura told me that her dad had offered her $50 if she talked me into going on the zip line.  “No way!”  was my answer.  There were also chair massages, facials, craft activities, and videos to choose from.

Laura and I walked around the grounds, watched the “dopes on a rope“, er, ladies going down the zip line, and walked out on the pier.  Here is a view of the back of the main conference center looking at it from the pier.  While we were out walking around, Laura got a notice on her phone that thereWC Sandy Cove from Pier was a problem at work.  An alarm was going off indicating that something was malfunctioning in one of the production WC Two-fisted Problem Solverrooms.  She swung into action, calling up her staff who were on call and coordinating the necessary steps to ensure that the items being manufactured were not going to be compromised by too much heat or not enough water.  I was quite impressed with her ability to handle two different phones at once.  Obviously, when you are a supervisor, sometimes it’s hard to get completely away from work, even on the weekends.WC Another Sunset Shot

On our last night there, we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.  Women were all streaming out onto the lawn to take pictures of the sun as it set over the water.  It was so lovely and so peaceful.    It made me think that the time had gone by much too quickly.  And contributing to that feeling was the fantastic messages that Damaris Carbaugh presented.  She is such a passionate speaker, filled with love for the Lord.  And wow, can she sing!  I was SO glad that I had brought extra tissues because I spent a lot of time with tears streaming down my face.  Her music and her words really moved me.  (Of course, this really embarrassed my daughter but she gamely hung in there and didn’t move to a different row, bless her heart.)  We also got to listen to the piano playing of Michael Faircloth, who is the artist-in-residence at Sandy Cove.  He is such a gifted pianist.

WC Laura and MeSunday morning we enjoyed a wonderful wrap-up session and then ate a delicious brunch before saying our goodbyes and heading off.  I certainly enjoyed the chance to get to know the ladies from our church who attended a little better and I REALLY enjoyed spending time with Laura.  It’s always a special treat.


2 Responses

  1. I weighed 312 # and now weigh 124 #.


  2. The retreat sounds absolutely divine. And now don’t you feel very refreshed for your week ahead? The Lord certainly blesses time out for Him.

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