Friday’s Fave Five for Oct. 2

FFF fall leaves 2

It’s a gloomy morning (weather-wise) here in South-central PA but it’s Friday and that means it is time for Friday’s Fave 5 so the atmosphere inside my computer room is quite sunny.  I always enjoy coming up with my list of 5 things each Friday and today is no exception.  I’ve got a mixed bag today with a little knitting fave fun and some fun things that I’m looking forward to so here goes.

Packed Bags1.  I’m heading out today for a weekend at the Sandy Cove Conference Center. Our church women are going  to a women’s conference there.  It’s been a long time since we went on a retreat and I’m really looking forward to spending some awesome time along the Chesapeake Bay with the ladies.  The guest speaker will be Damaris Carbaugh and the music will be provided by Michael Faircloth and Ashley Carbaugh.  I went to Sandy Cove years ago for a writers’ conference and I remember Michael’s piano playing and the fantastic cookies that the staff always put out between the seminars and before bedtime (trust me to remember the food).

2.  I’m looking forward to spending time with my daughter, Laura. My daughter will be joining me at Sandy Cove and we’ll be rooming together for the conference.  I always enjoy a chance to spend time with Laura and so appreciate the fact that she gave up her weekend to do this.  She has such a busy schedule and works long hours in the D.C. area so the fact that she was willing to leave her hubby for a few days and a chance to just “chill” this weekend and instead drive through rush hour traffic around the beltway to come to this really means a lot.

Gale Shawl3.  I finished my Gale Stole and just have to block it now. I finally put the last few rows on my Gale Stole, designed by Anne Hanson.  Now I just have to give it a good soak and then get it on the blocking wires and block it aggressively.  Because of it’s design, the stole tends to skew without blocking so the designer suggests the aggressive wire blocking.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how it blooms, grows, and straightens out after blocking.  Stay posted to see how it went as I’m sure I’ll be writing and posting pics about it next week.

Blocking Board4.  My blocking pad arrived in the mail this week. Speaking of blocking, I finally broke down and ordered a proper blocking pad.  This particular one came from Patternworks.   Blocking pads were being sold at Knitters’ Day Out but after the gauge and blocking class I took that weekend, there was a run on them and I had to order mine from the ‘Net.  This one is called a Sewe-Z Board and is made by the Ohio Table Pad Company.  The backing is almost exactly like the backing on my dining table pads.  The top is a heavy-duty cotton fabric that can withstand ironing and heavy steaming.  The makers say you can use the felt back to lay out your quilt pieces if you prop it against a wall, thus turning it into a design board.  I hadn’t even thought of that use.  Anyway, I’m excited to give it a try when I block out my latest baby sweater.

Mini Sweater Ornament5.  I’m getting started on some Christmas knitting. Sure, I know you’re probably thinking how in the world am I going to knit a sweater with all these tiny little bits of yarn.  Well, these are going to become mini sweaters.  I read a cute idea the other day where someone suggested knitting up mini sweaters and then slipping gift cards into them.  What a great idea!  After the gift card is pulled out, the recipient can reuse the sweater as a tree ornament next Christmas.  So I’m taking these along with me to the women’s conference so that I can do a little knitting during the free time.  Maybe I can even get the ones for my nephews finished before I return.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Dee

    A weekend women’s conference with your daughter – double blessing!! I’d love to do the same someday.

    A belated Happy B-day to your mom – what a milestone! She looks great.

    Happy weekend!

  2. PS – I’m going to look up that poem – thanks for the ht.

  3. I hope you enjoy your retreat. It’s always nice to get away. And to spend time with your daughter – an extra bonus. You’re so gifted with your quilts and knitting.

  4. Womens retreats are so much fun, and how much more fun to have your daughter along. That little sweater idea sounds very cute. I hope we get to see some pictures!

  5. I absolutely love going on retreats and to share a room with your daughter is an extra special blessing.

    I am so impressed you’ve started your gift knitting! I have not knit through the summer and it is returning now full speed. Perhaps I’m just not a hot weather knitter and here in Texas it stays hot for a bit. Hopefully I’ll have some projects finished quickly and can share them again on my blog.

  6. I haven’t been to a women’s conference in forever. My how I would love to go!

    That stole looks really pretty. I am in awe of you crafty ladies.

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