She’s a Grand Old Dame

Mom on her BDMy mom celebrated her 96th birthday today.  I told her she had just a few more years before we could see Willard Scott show her picture on the Today show.  She liked that.  To help her celebrate, I went over to the nursing home to join her for lunch.   I headed over early though because I wanted to give her a special treat.  You see, I always used to give her “mini-concerts” at our house when I’d play the piano for her, sometimes for an hour or more at a time.  So I packed some of my piano music in a bag and schlepped them over to the home, determined to give Mom her own birthday concert.

She was waiting in her room for me and when I walked in and gave her a big hug, she said, “Oh, I thought you weren’t coming!”  I was actually earlier than I normally get there but the anticipation of our special lunch together was making the time seem to whiz by.  Off we went down to the lounge and I set her next to the piano and proceeded to go through all the books I had brought.  Some songs she remembered and others she’d forgotten but we still enjoyed humming along with the music.  Every so often, one of the staff would pop in and give her a big hug and birthday wishes.

Mom Looking at CardsAfter our concert, I rolled her on down to the library, which is our usual haunt before her lunch, and the first thing I did was read all the cards to her that she has received so far.  She enjoyed every one. The wall above her bed has a special rail where I can slip her cards in to display so that is where I put them before I left for the day.  After she looked at the cards, I gave her my gift bag which consisted of two bright, warm sweaters and a new book for us to read.  We’re just finishing up a story about a young girl growing up in the piney woods of Florida so this one will be next in line.Mom with Presents

Speaking of the Florida story, that was next on the agenda so I read several chapters to her until they called us to head to the dining room for the second seating.  The staff had set up a separate table for Mom and I and we had a very nice lunch.  Our menu was ham loaf, sweet potatoes, creamed spinach, topped off by a bowl of cubed watermelon (which Mom polished off entirely).  I have to admit that she didn’t think much of the spinach but she did pretty good with the rest of it, with my help.  I noticed that she seemed to be doing more feeding of herself, which is good to see.  When it came time for dessert, the staff brought out a little cake and we all sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  She ended up wearing some of the frosting on the tip of her nose and on her hands but I think she really enjoyed the cake.  Mom has never lost her sweet tooth.

Mom with CakeAgain, as we ate, many of the staff came up and gave her a hug and best wishes.  One nurse told me that it was also her own birthday.  She said that the nursing staff on Mom’s wing had put Mom on the microphone this morning and Mom had sung “Happy Birthday” to this nurse.  She told me that it made her day.  Then she confessed that she made a special trip down to Mom’s room to see that Mom got some bacon for breakfast, something that she normally doesn’t get on her diet.  She reported that Mom ate every last crumb.

Mom and DaughterAs I got ready to leave, the chaplain stopped at her table to extend his best wishes.  Mom said, “Well, aren’t I just special!”   “Yes, you are, Mom!” I said.  And I meant every word.  Happy birthday, Mom and many more!


3 Responses

  1. Wow! 96! What a great lady she is. I am glad she had such a nice day. You and she are such a wonderful team, Dee. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Happy Birthday Margie. We love you and thanks for sharing the wonderful party with us.

  3. A note from the Homebuilders SS Class…We remember when we actually were homebuilders and you were an important part of that time in our lives. We’re happy to see the pictures of your party, sounds as if it was a great day! Glad too that Dee is there to make your days a little more interesting. Keep up the good outlook and we’ll keep praying for you…Love in Christ, Homebuilders (now includes the old Discipleship Class).

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