Yarn Goodies, Name Guessing, and Other Top Five Fun

Friday_fave_five_Tamara smallIt’s Fave Five Friday again and time for my list of “fives.”  I don’t know about you, but with the shorter days, it sure seems like these weeks are whizzing by now.  With the holidays just over the horizon, it is only going to get worse faster, I’m sure.  It’s this time of year when I begin to feel like a canoe that is floating in a strong current approaching a narrow opening between two cliffs.  I’m picking up speed and beginning to pitch and careen dangerously close to those cliff walls.  Suddenly I’m shooting along between the cliffs in rapids and totally out of control and can only hope I get to the calm waters on the other side.  Whee!  Doesn’t THAT just make the holidays sound like fun?  And that is how an overachieving perfectionist views the holidays.  Sigh!  But on to this week’s Fave Five.

DIC Flame Season1.  Great new yarn from Dream in Color. Just look at the great bundle of yarn I got from The Loopy Ewe yesterday.  Doesn’t this just epitomize “Autumn” to you?  This is Dream in Color’s Classy worsted weight line and the color is a special one dyed just for the Loopy Ewe.  It’s called “Flame Season” and it really reminds me of the colors you see in a Sugar Maple tree in the fall of the year.  Now I’ll have the fun of picking out just the right sweater pattern to make a sweater for the cooler temps coming up.

Reepicheep's Abigail Sweater2.  Speaking of sweaters, I’ve started another sweater for our little grandbaby. Isn’t this going to be cute?  Again, I’m knitting this in Dream in Color’s Classy worsted weight, but the colorway is “Happy Forest.”  Judging by the size it is turning out to be, Jason and Laura’s little one probably won’t be wearing this when she arrives but when she is a little older, it should fit her.  Hopefully, it gets cooler in Asia at some point in the year.  And it just “happens” to be the same color (and lace-type pattern) as a sweater I knit for myself so how cute will that be to have matching Oma and Granddaughter sweaters?

Writing Class Book3.  I  finished reading this book, “The Writing Class” by Jincy Willett. One of my writer friends loaned it to me, knowing that I’d appreciate the inside “struggling writer” humor in it.  It’s a mystery that centers around an evening class of would-be writers.  Oh my, just the look into the thoughts of the instructor is worth reading the book.  I don’t think I’ll ever sign up for another writers’ workshop again without shuddering as I turn in my writing for critique, now that I’ve read this book.  If you like to write and enjoy mysteries, I think this book will keep you entertained.

4.  Trying to guess what name Jason and Laura have picked for the baby. Here’s what we know so far…….they’ve got a name picked and it’s from a list of five names.  I’d tell you what they are but I haven’t gotten permission from the parents-to-be so I’d best not.  I knew that they were having trouble agreeing on what nickname to call the baby so I figured out it would be a piece of cake to look at the list and determine which name they’d chosen.  I’d just find the name that had several choices for nicknames and voila, that would be the one.  Right?  Wrong!  Every name but one had at least 2, if not more possible nicknames.  Yikes!  I will say that I’ve polled some of my side of the family and we have 2 votes for 1 name, and 1 vote apiece for 2 other names.  I am still trying to guess.  I have a hunch which one they’ve chosen and if I’m right, then I already have an idea for a new children’s book to write around a nickname I could call our granddaughter.

5.  I enjoyed a scrumptious meal last night at the Friends of Murray Library’s annual business meeting and program. Here’s what we had.  We started with a Messiah College Signature Salad, which was mixed greens, crumbled feta cheese, strawberries scattered over the greens and sweet and spicy pecans mixed throughout.  The salad was dressed with a vinaigrette.  I WILL say that if there was a dressing on there, you could have fooled me.  I would have loved to have seen a nice sweet poppyseed dressing on it but that’s my sweet tooth talking.  My roll was a cardamon seed whole wheat roll topped with real butter.  Heavenly!  The main dish came next and what a presentation.  It was Chicken Gambary.  This was a chicken breast breaded to perfection sitting on top of a mound of sweet potato gratin.  On top of the chicken was a tasty mound of sauteed Vegetables Julienne and sitting on top of those were two grilled shrimp. There was a light lemon caper sauce swirled around the plate to compliment this culinary concoction.  It was all very tasty.  Some at my table were puzzled when they couldn’t find any capers but then, we really couldn’t come to a consensus about what a caper was and it didn’t sound very appetizing to me anyway so I was happy to find them missing.  The finale was a Lemon Torte.  Oh boy!  It was a lemon yogurt cake that looked like a miniature bundt cake that had been soaked in lemon glaze and then crowned with a lemony ganache.  Can you spell “heaven?”  I could sure taste it last evening.  Mercy!  And I have to weigh in on Monday.  Let us pray for a miracle.

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3 Responses

  1. I LOVE the name The Loopy Ewe. That’s a name that puts a smile on one’s face! =D ha!

    Loved reading your list.

  2. That yarn is a beautiful color. I’m sure you are very pleased with your future grandchilds name (even if we can’t know) 🙂

  3. My. Your description of the coming holidays had me holding my breath. LOL.

    The colors of those yarns are gorgeous!

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