Plyin’ in the Morning, Plyin’ in the Evening, Plyin’ at Suppertime!

Fire in the Evening SideOK, so I haven’t been plying in the evening…..YET. But I certainly was spinning this gorgeous fiber up in the evening and at suppertime.  In fact, I’ve been spinning so much lately, that the Commander has had to resort to gentle hints that it MIGHT be an hour or two past suppertime and he is getting hungry.  It’s just been so much fun to work with this mix of 65% superwash merino and 35% silk from The Sanguine Gryphon in a colorway called Fire in the Evening. Isn’t it pretty?  The sheen on this yarn is beautiful and I’m sure it is due to the silk content.    And I’m so proud of myself.  This is the most yardage I’ve gotten out of 4 oz. of fiber yet.  I actually got 250 yards of yarn.  Whee!

Lazy KateIn an earlier post, I had told you about a makeshift Lazy Kate that I had come up with in an attempt to circumvent the crummy Kate that came with my Lendrum.  Well, you might have noticed that the post has disappeared.  Yup, don’t bother trying that little experiment.  The Kate has now reverted back to a magazine file.  Without a braking system, it was just unrolling the singles way too fast when I tried to ply.  I tried several different things to stand in for a brake, including string around the bobbins and rubber bands around the knitting needles but nothing worked.  Finally I just gave up and put the bobbins back on the Lazy Kate that came with the Lendrum.

I had read some posts up on the spinning forums on Ravelry that suggested tipping the Kate and propping it at an angle with a book so that the posts were angled away from you.  The posts suggested that this might keep tension on the singles without using the string brake and also do a better job of equalizing the twist as it travels over to your bobbin where you are plying.  Well, I tried that and it did work much better UNTIL I got down toward the end of the bobbins and then the singles started catching again near the tops of the bobbins.  (Just as a disclaimer….I have been using Woolee Winder bobbins so I’m not sure if that makes a difference or not.)  Anyway, I nursed it along until I’d had one break too many in the singles and decided…enough is enough.

As luck would have it, at that moment the mailman delivered a package to my door which just happened to be my new Lazy Kate which I ordered from this shop on Etsy.  Carla’s husband makes these wonderful lazy kates and let me tell you, they work like a charm.  Since I still had singles to ply, I went ahead and wound off what I had left on my Woolee Winder bobbins onto regular Lendrum bobbins and put those on the new Lazy Kate.  I set it behind me and didn’t bother parking a book in front of it to prevent sliding because it has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it in place, plus it has some weight to it.  I was “off to the races.”  How wonderful to get the chance to try it out the same day it arrived and to be able to report that it works great.  No braking system was necessary because the angle of the rods keeps just the right amount of tension on the singles as they come off the bobbins.

Fire in the Evening Closeup KniddyFinal result was a busy morning plying, improvising, plying, winding, and then soaking, and now my new yarn is hanging downstairs drying.  I now have the fun of deciding what I want to knit up with this yarn, which is fingering weight (for the most part).  And when the Commander comes home and says to me, “What did YOU do today?”, I know that he’ll look at me in disbelief when I tell him that I plied yarn most of the day.  Isn’t it amazing how the hours just slip by when you are having fun?


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