Picking and Pinning

Have you ever been so sore that you just didn’t want to move a muscle?  That’s my state today.  Yesterday I went outside to empty the dust receptacle from my dust broom and glanced over at our front yard.  Ugh!  The nut sedge grass is taking over the whole darn yard.  I had thought earlier that maybe just pulling out that grass would solve the problem.  And yesterday, looking at that cheeky stuff, I decided to go over and give one an experimental pull.  Hey, it came right up.  Well, one clump led to another and before I knew it, I had spent over a half hour tugging and pulling clumps of nut sedge grass out of the yard.  Man, that stuff is insidious.  It really spreads, too.  What totally frosts my cake is the fact that it came up in the area that the landscaper had seeded.  That’s the only place it came up initially.  We didn’t get grass.  We got this stuff.  The other thing that annoys me is that we have a lawn service that is supposed to fertilize our lawn and treat it for weeds.  The other day when they were treating our lawn, they left a notice on our door that they noticed we had this stuff and that they’d be happy to treat our yard to get rid of it ….for an additional fee, of course.  Well, what in the world are we paying them to do if it isn’t to get rid of stuff like this?  Grrrrr!

Anyway, back to the nut sedge grass.  I finished up with quite a pile of it and hauled it over to our outdoor yard waste can, dumped it in and then went back inside to wash off my hands and arms with soap and water.  After my last bout with poison ivy, I’m super paranoid about getting it again.

Girasole UnblockedNext on the agenda was to give my Girasole Shawl a good soak in the sink and then take it out to the sun porch to block it.  I thought you’d enjoy a picture of how it looked when it was unblocked.  It is always amazing to me how lacework looks after a good blocking.  This is my first (and probably my last) circular shawl and I must say, it was a bear to block.  The sheer size of the thing meant that I couldn’t pin it out in my usual place which is our guest bedroom.  There simply isn’t enough open floor space in there.  There’s more room in our Master Bedroom but with one or the other of us wandering to the bathroom in the dark, I didn’t want to take a chance of us accidentally walking over it.  So the sun room was the logical place to put it, especially since we now have a large open area where the table and chairs used to be that are now gracing our daughter’s deck.

Girasole BlockedHere’s a view of the shawl pinned out.  I certainly could have done a better job blocking it but my knees just couldn’t have held out any longer.  What a pain!  I spent so much time crawling around on the floor pinning this baby out that by the time I stood up, my legs were just shaking.  They still have that “weak” feeling today and boy, are my legs and backside sore!  I started pinning this shawl from the middle out.  To be totally precise, I probably should have taken a tape measure and pinned it to the center and then rotated it around, making sure that each tier was the exact same width at all points of the circle.  You know what?  I have decided that at age 60, I’m not that anal anymore.  It’s going to be partially folded over and draped over my shoulders so nobody is going to be measuring the sections when I’m wearing it.

Girasole SunflowerBy the time I got to the outer edges, I looked at all those little points and thought, “Oy, vey!”  I probably should have pinned each and every point but I ended up pinning at least every other point.  My knees were going fast and I thought I might pitch nose-first into the center of the darn shawl if I had to pin much longer.  It’s going to sit out there until it is good and dry because what gets pinned, must get unpinned and that means more kneeling.  Ugh!

I’ll leave you with some more pictures of the Girasole Shawl, as it sits out on our sun porch, blocked and drying.  Enjoy!Girasole Floor Level

Girasole Outer Tier Floor LevelGirasole PetalsGirasole Arrowpoints_0001Girasole Closeup Arrowpoints


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