Five Reasons to Love the Upcoming Fall TV Lineup

Friday_fave_five_Tamara smallIt’s Fall and it’s Friday and naturally, my mind has put the two together and come up with a Fave Five list of my favorite five shows that I’ll be looking forward to as the Fall TV season begins.  Ready?  Here goes.

1.  Glee – This is a new show that premiered earlier in the summer and then again this week.  It’s a show about a high school teacher who takes over a failing glee club made up of nerds and “losers.”  He used to be in a glee club himself in high school and has fond memories of his experiences.  He also really believes that kids shouldn’t be “labeled” as losers.  The show will be following his efforts to instill a sense of confidence in these kids as he also tries to put together a club that stands a chance at winning an upcoming competition.  Don’t think this weekly show is all saccharine.  It’s quirky and has some moral dilemmas to work around (but so did high school, right?).  Added to the mix is the glee club coach’s wife, who wants him to give up teaching and become an accountant so he can make more money to support her spending habits and the baby that is coming.  I like this show because of the catchy music, the charming glee club coach, and the fact that I remember all too well my high school days when the drama parts all went to the cheerleaders and those of us who were the nerds didn’t stand a chance.   Luckily I went off  to college and discovered that talent has its own rewards.

2.  Castle – This show follows the adventures of a successful mystery/crime novelist who lives with his brainy teenage daughter and his mother (an aging actress).  He worms his way into being allowed to shadow a lovely  homicide detective in the NYPD and all sorts of misadventures ensue.  Why do I love this show?   If you are a writer or a thespian, you will get a hoot out of this show.  It really exposes some of the idiosyncrasies of both types of artists.   Susan Sullivan, who plays Castle’s mother, is hysterical as the over-the-hill actress who just drips “drama” out of her veins.  Then there is the fellow who plays Castle, Nathan Fillion.  He’s certainly easy to look at.

3.  Warehouse 13 – I’m becoming quite attached to this show.  It follows the adventures of two FBI agents who are enlisted by a mysterious branch of the FBI to work for “Warehouse 13”, billed as the “nation’s attic” where strange artifacts are cataloged, tagged, and housed.  When out-of-the-ordinary things happen, these two are sent out to see if an artifact could be behind the unusual happenings and, if so, to retrieve it.  Of course you have the usual banter between the two agents (male and female) who at first, hate each other but are starting to warm up to each other.  Adding to the fun is that each episode centers around an artifact that appears to be based on an actual thing or person in history and they always give you a little bit of a history lesson in the show.  But my favorite part of this show is the character Artie, played by Saul Rubinek.  I really love how he portrays this character — a frenetic, nerdy teddy-bear type of guy.  And the warehouse itself….wow, it’s a librarian’s dream and nightmare, all rolled into one.

4.  NCIS – How could I not list this?  I have followed this ensemble show from its very beginning.   It follows a team of investigative agents for the Navy who are sent out to investigate murders involving Naval and Marine personnel.  The team dynamics are just so great.  Gibbs – the strong, silent guy with a heart of gold who has never gotten over the murder of his family; DiNozzo – the seemingly-shallow, womanizer who has depths we have only begun to see; McGee – the computer geek, would-be writer, who has been gaining more confidence with each season;  Abby – a Goth lab rat whose quirkiness makes her all the more lovable; Ducky – the forensic coroner, another eccentric character; and Ziva – an Israeli agent on loan to NCIS who tries to juggle divided loyalties, a powderkeg temperament, and a growing love-hate attraction to DiNozzo.  There are other folks who come and go among this talented cast and each lend a bit of magic to the dynamics of the group.  We left the team divided last season and on the edge of disaster.  Oh man, I hope someone comes to the rescue.

5.  Toddlers and Tiaras – OK, I know you must be staring at this fifth choice in disbelief but hear me out.  This show is hysterical.  It’s so bad that it’s fascinating.  I just can’t believe that there are people out there who do this stuff with such seriousness.  We’re talking beauty pageants for little kids, folks.  Each episode follows 3 families as they prepare for a competition.  The families, including the children, are interviewed and then followed right through to the competition and the final award presentations.  I’m telling you, it’s a case of … know you shouldn’t watch, but you just can’t look away.  My poor husband is becoming more used to me saying , “Honey, you have to come see this.   You aren’t going to believe this!” ……or…….”Oh my goodness.  I can’t believe they put those things on their teeth!”……..or…..”George, am I nuts or does it look like that 3-year-old is doing a pole dancing routine?”  Well, all I can say is, if you haven’t seen an episode, you really should experience at least one.  It will open up your eyes to a WHOLE other way of life and maybe save some of you from heading down a similar road with your own children.

Of course, I have to mention several of my other favorites, such as The Mentalist, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can DanceDeadliest Catch, and Dr.  Who.    Since the FiOS guy is here right now installing our new system, we should have lots of chances to catch our favs this upcoming season.

If you’d like to see what others are talking about today for their Friday Fave Fives, visit Susanne’s site at Living to Tell the Story.


4 Responses

  1. I hear so much about the Toddlers and Tiaras show and someday I’m going to have to figure out what time/channel it’s on so I can see for myself!

  2. I’m happy that the new fall line-up is beginning too. You hit one of our favorites NCIS. It will be interesting watching the spin-off too. My favorites are Top Chef, Project Runway, Survivor, Biggest Loser and Amazing Race. Yes I like reality even though what they call reality really isn’t :0)
    Have a great weekend…

  3. NCIS is at the very tip top of my favorite shows! We just started watching last season and try to catch the reruns and now we’re getting the whole series in order on Netflix.

    Have you ever watched Foyle’s War, a British murder mystery series set in WWII? Michael Kitchen stars as Foyle.

    Have a pleasant labor free weekend.

  4. I’ve watched Toddlers and Tiarras a couple of times and couldn’t stomach what they do to those children and the values that are being taught to them. Sorry not on my list. Now Dancing with the Stars? Check. The Mentalist? Check. Add to that So You Think You Can Dance (both Canadian and American), Flashpoint, Amazing Race and Top Chef. And I am good to go. Of course, now I’m going to have to check out those other ones you mentioned. :v)

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