More Horsepower Than a Team of Percherons

Monster TractorLook at THIS baby!  It’s a monster tractor with a GPS system that drives itself through the fields and all you have to do is turn it at the end of a row.  It has air conditioning, a sunscreen you can roll down in front, all sorts of computerized readouts to amuse you while you loll in the comfort of the cab while it is going down the rows of a field and it has some SERIOUS horsepower that can pull things.  This John Deere is amazing!  I asked my cousin how much a tire would cost if you had to replace one on this and he said that a set of tires would be around $20,000.  Wow!  And can you see who is driving this baby?  It’s me.  I’m actually driving it around the farmyard.

Tractor and UsHere are my cousins and hubby standing next to the tractor so you can get an idea of the scale of this thing.  I’m telling you, it was probably the neatest thing we did on this entire vacation, except of course, for reconnecting with our relatives.  But THIS was totally awesome.  At one point while I was driving it, I had to manuever past a propane tank.  “I suppose I’d better avoid that tank,” I said to my cousin.  “Aw, you’ve got a good 10 feet.  You’re good!”, he responded.  You couldn’t have proved it by me because I was over 10 feet up in the air, it seemed but I managed to avoid it AND the metal hangar that houses this thing.  I had a brief vision of me driving into the hangar and out the other end with the metal building on top of us.  I could just hear the 911 call now.

“Uh, I’d like to report a metal building on wheels that is zigzagging through a field out here.”

“Could you tell me when you started drinking this morning, Sir?”

“No, seriously, Officer.  There’s a building driving through my field and I am distinctly hearing someone yelling ‘WooHoo” from inside it.”

IMG_4393Oh, and besides driving the tractor, we all had a great visit with the relatives, including my cousin Bryan and his new bride who haven’t even been married a full week but graciously came down to join us for dinner.  And we stopped at Pioneer Village in Worthington, Minnesota on the way up to see our relatives.  I’ll report on that visit tomorrow.  I got some great pictures.  It’s a reconstructed prairie village that has lots of neat old artifacts, including some things that my grandmother donated.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this picture of “Farmer Dee” revving up the torque on the John Deere.Dee Drives Tractor


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