Greetings From Minneapolis

View From WindowOK, it’s not a very exciting view right now, I’ll grant you.  But it’s a view from Minnesota…Minneapolis, to be exact.  We arrived here last night late, too late to get any good pictures and this morning, I’m staying put while hubby has gone off to the Minnesota Historical Society to begin his genealogical research.  He’s scouting out the facility to see if there is a spot where I can hunker down with my knitting while he sleuths.  They tend to get a litle fussy if they see you coming with things like scissors into places like that.

Our flight out here was rather fun.  We had a stop in Chicago to pick up passengers and let me tell you, the crew of our particular plane must have been former Navy aircraft carrier pilots because they obviously missed the thrill of coming to a complete stop in a few seconds flat.  We came down on that runway in Chicago and they threw on those brakes harder than I’ve ever felt on any flight I’ve ever been on.  We came to a screeching halt as passengers’ handbags or contents from their underseat luggage when flying up the floor of the plane.  The fellow sitting in our aisle lost his iPod when it fell out of his bag and flew up towards the front of the plane.  The steward had to make an announcement on the loudspeaker and have everyone look under their seats to try to find it.  We found it but whee!  Once we had stopped, the crew calmly make a sharp left turn onto another runway and then taxied us to our berth.  They had arrived 20 minutes early  (probably made up the time on that landing alone).

Vine Bolero Progress #1I tried to work on my Vine Bolero on the flight but spent more time back pedaling on my rows then actually making progress.  The yarn (Malabrigo Silky Merino) is yummy and oh, so soft but I swear it is going to felt with all the frogging I’ve had to do.  I think it’s because I keep getting distracted by my hubby asking me questions or extreme landings or announcements that we have to stow our gear once again under our seats or by my fellow passengers.  One particular annoying lady was sitting behind me on the leg from Chicago to Minneapolis.  She wasn’t a Minnesota native (I know this for a fact, because she was telling her buddy on the other end of her phone conversation which was loud enough for the entire back part of the plane to hear) thank goodness, or I would have to start wondering what had become of the good people of Minnesota since I’d left the Old Sod.  She’d also had a bit of libation, I do believe, before she’d come on the plane.  I’m saying this charitably because if she’s that loosey-goosey normally, oy vey!  Anyway, when the time came for our plane to take off, here she was still chatting away on her cell phone.  The flight attendants were already strapped in their seats and no one had told her to shut her phone off.  In fact, the crew had forgotten to announce that all phones were to be turned off for the duration of the flight.  Being the nervous Nellie that I am when it comes to flying, I seriously considered twisting around in my seat, getting up on my knees (no small feat), leaning over the back of my seat, grabbing her phone and hitting her over the head with it even as I turned the darn thing off but I was afraid to unbuckle my seatbelt because the warning light was still on.  At any rate, we got off the ground OK and she finally got off the phone and calmed down until we touched down in Minnesota.  As we headed to the baggage claim area, she was back on the phone and the decibel count had risen sharply once again.

Hampton Room Computer AreaSo for now, I’m plugged into the complimentary wireless network, catching up on my Twitter and Facebook accounts and updating my blog.  It’s a sunny day out and I’m looking forward to having lunch with hubby and then doing some exploring of yarn shops before heading over to Bethlehem Baptist to hear John Piper preach tonight.  Yes, it sure feels good to……1.  Be back on solid ground and 2.  Be back in Minnesota.  I love this state.  And that’s the news from Lake Wogegan…oh, wait, wrong town.  (But the women are STILL good looking and of course, all the children are above average.)


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  1. Check out a coffee shop up the hill from the Minnesota History Center, on the corner of Western and Selby. Across from W. A. Frost. They welcome anyone. If the Minnesota Historical Society is in St. Paul. F. Scott Fitzgerald grew up 2 blocks away. And check out the wine at Surdyks in Minneapolis, across the river from downtown Minneapolis.

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