Fave Five Friday

It’s Friday and time for my weekly Fave Five list.  Since my camera is packed in my suitcase, I’m going to have to recycle some pics here for my post so bear with me.  Here are five things that I’ve been enjoying this past week.

End Roll Noro Striped Scarf #11.  Susan Pandorf’s Byzantine Stole – No, this pic isn’t the stole but it DOES involve Noro yarn.  Susan’s gorgeous new pattern calls for Noro Silk Garden Lite and the design is worked up over 16 rows which repeat throughout the length of the wrap.  It is a mosaic design that is created by a simple slip stitch technique and when it is combined with the lovely color transitions that Noro is known for, the results are stunning.   This is the type of project that people will look at and think that you’ve done wondrous and complicated things as a knitter.  Oh yeah, baby!  Little do they know that it is NOT difficult.  That’s the wonder of the whole thing.

2.  Mr. K is back and functioning. Ok, it’s a NEW Mr. K but still, we now have a functioning Keurig machine.  Boy, did we miss the convenience of those K-cup brews in the morning while we were waiting for the new machine to arrive.  Once it got here, the first few cups were a little rough because of the “plastic” taste that comes from a new machine.  But today I flushed everything out with vinegar and then ran several carafes of water through so we should be good to go.

3.  I’ve finally picked some baby patterns to start knitting. I decided not IMG_0908to take the Byzantine Stole with me on vacation.  I’m already taking my Vine Bolero project.  So I thought I’d take a baby project, as well.  I had hoped that we’d know the sex of the baby by now but apparently Canada has a rule that expectant parents can’t find out the sex of their baby before they are at least 20 weeks pregnant.  This helps avoid the temptation of them deciding on an abortion because they don’t like the sex of the fetus.  I can understand the reasoning and am fine with that.  So, my first baby sweater is going to be done in shades of lime green, turquoise, pinks, and red.  If the baby is a boy, he’ll have to deal with it.  I figure the child will only be wearing a sweater for a few months anyway before they all head to tropical climes.

IMG_22134.  I enjoyed a fun picnic with our local Mystery Book Club.  We just finished reading “A Killer’s Kiss” by William Lashner and this month we all met at the home of one of our members to enjoy a picnic and discuss the book.   Our group is so diverse when it comes to our literary likes and dislikes (although we all love mysteries) and it is such fun to listen to everyone when we finish our book discussion and get off on a tangent, especially when we are recommending good books to read.  I’ve been exposed to some great new authors, thanks to some of these recommendations.

5.  Watching “Dog Whisperer” episodes with Fresca. This week I’ve stumbled across some Dog Whisperer shows

What shall I put down this year?

on our cable network and have enjoyed watching them with our dog.  She sits right there and watches along with me.  I have to admit that I’m usually quite ashamed of both my ability to assert myself as the “pack leader” and Fresca’s unapologetic enthusiasm when it comes to barking at the world as they go past our house.  But short of Ceasar Milan coming to do some training here, I doubt she will change at this late date.  She’s almost 9 years old.  Yes, Fresca thinks it is her job in life to guard our house from anything and anybody that dares walk or drive past our property.  Since she’s not an outdoor dog, she’s not annoying the neighbors but it does get a little hectic inside at times.  But on the bright side, she helps keep me awake while I’m at the computer.  And watching these episodes gives me the assurance that there are dogs out there that are much worse than she is.

Friday_fave_five_Tamara smallTo find out what others are listing as their Friday Fave Fives, go to Suzanne’s site at Living to Tell the Story.


3 Responses

  1. I love mystery novels and watching The Dog Whisperer too. Sounds like lots of fun with your knitting this week.

  2. Fresca sounds like my Samson. He barks at everyone and everything walking by from his perch on top of the couch. Which usually means he’s barking in someone’s ear. But what is funny to us is how tough he thinks he is barking at great big dogs that could really have him for breakfast.

    Your mystery book club sounds like fun!

  3. I love me a mystery, on TV, in a book, or via DVD!

    Isn’t Noro yarn wonderful? I just bought two skeins to make another felted bag! Can’t wait! I’ve never used the Silk. Is it soft and silky to work with?

    The thing about a girlie sweater or blanket is that if the male baby is crying and the mother is frustrated, she can wrap him in a pink blanket ‘for discipline’. It doesn’t hurt the baby, makes him warm and snuggly, and makes the mommy feel better 🙂

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