Poor Mr. K Has Passed Away

Dead KeurigIt is with great sadness that I announce the passing of a dear family member, Mr. Keurig…..better known as “Mr. K.”  Mr. K served our family faithfully these past four years with nary a complaint.  He was usually the first one we’d turn to in the mornings when we’d come downstairs and no matter how early, he was always eager and ready to give us a caffeine jump start.  He never complained when we’d trot guests into the kitchen and ask him to perform for their amusement and palate.  He was an adaptable fellow and never seemed to mind that one minute we might push a hearty mug his way and another time place a dainty tea cup within his reach.

Keurig MawOh, he WAS starting to get a little cranky toward the end, insisting on frequent vinegar baths and the occasional poke with a toothpick to get him started in the mornings.  He’d even begun to show an independent streak, depositing teacup-size portions in our mugs and then pulling a switcheroo and overflowing our teacups with the missing mug-size brews.  We tried to overlook these little foibles, telling ourselves that perhaps Mr. K was just overtired and needed a little rest.  We simply couldn’t face the thought that one day, he might not be with us.

Keurig ConfusionAlas, the day finally dawned that we had long dreaded.  I’d just like to say that Mr. K left this earth with his lights on and his last words were “Ready to Brew.”  We ALL should be so faithful.  Thankfully, due to the miracle of cloning, I’m happy to report that Mr. Keurig, the Second will be joining our household in the imminent future.


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  1. 4 years huh? Guess that means I have two left before I have a similar sad story to report!

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