One Lump or Two?

Linda and her teaMy friend Linda (newly retired) and I had the pleasure yesterday of enjoying an afternoon tea at Camellia’s Sin Tea Parlor in Carlisle, PA.  Now before you get your knickers in a knot over the name of the tea parlor, let me just tell you that we didn’t go there to get rowdy.  The tea room’s name actually comes from “Camellia Sinensis” which is the botanical name for the tea plant.  Cute, huh?

We started the meal off with their house blend of tea.  I wish I could remember what they told us it was because it was awfully good.  When Linda and I go to a tea parlor, we always drink our tea with lumps of sugar so by the time we leave, we are enjoying a nice sugar buzz and yesterday was no exception.  Dee's TeaAfter we finished off the first pot of tea, they brewed another pot which was a different blend of tea.  Again, I can’t remember what that blend was called but it also was quite excellent.  It seems that it had some coconut flavor in it or was it amaretto?  Hmmm!

Ready to Dig InThen out they came with the food.  The theme this month at the tea room is a Cabana Tea Party.  In keeping with that theme, the food included a pina colada fruit salad, amaretto scones with raisins that had been soaked in amaretto and clotted cream to spread on the scones, a Bloody Mary tea sandwich, which was a cucumber sandwich with a piece of celery on top of the cucumber slice, a cherry tomato on top of that and, of course, a delicately flavored cream cheese spread over the bread.  There were little martini puffs which I didn’t think I’d like because they were olives (which I DON’T like) encrusted in a flaky cheese crust but they actually proved to be quite delightful and a tropical chicken salad that was sooo good.  Scrumptious Chicken SaladThe halved grapes and pineapple tidbits in that salad which was on a very good roll really brought out a lovely sweetness to the chicken flavor while downplaying the mayonnaise.

Then it was on to the desserts.  Oh, yum!  There was a mudslide mousse which was in a phyllo dough that just melted away in your mouth at each bite.  Next we had Mojito cupcakes.  I don’t know what a Mojito is, but I think it is some type of beverage.  Oh, by the way, there were no alcoholic beverages in any of this food except for the scone because of the amaretto-soaked raisins.  Anyway, the cupcakes were light and delicious.  Finally, we topped everything off with Strawberry Daiquiri Cabana Tea PartyDelights which involved strawberries and that’s about all I remember of it except for the fact that it was good.

We were pleasantly full at the end of our tea and ready to head out into the historic part of Carlisle and do a little browsing in the many quaint shops in that area of town.  We actually found a yarn shop, too.  We almost didn’t go into it because I thought it said “farm shop” as I tried to read it from across the street (oh, the joys of bifocals).  Yes, all in all, it was a nice day.  And let me just say that it is so nice to have a friend who is now retired and free to do things like this in the middle of the week.  Thanks, Linda for suggesting this fun luncheon.  I really think we should make it a goal to explore as many tea rooms as we can within a reasonable driving distance.   Are you game?


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