Two Very Different Moves

Cleaning the StoveWe’re back from helping our daughter and her husband move into their new home.  Luckily the rain held off on Saturday when the bulk of the furniture was moved from the rental townhouse to their new place.  It was VERY humid, though and everyone was pretty sweaty by the end of the day.  Laura and I cleaned up the kitchen in the rental while the guys used good old muscle power to manhandle furniture down some very steep flights of stairs and into a U-Haul truck.  My hubby kept busy disconnecting the computer and then directing the guys, helping them to avoid the walls and navigate steep angles.  Contemplating the ProblemDon’t ask me where Francesca, the snake was.  I didn’t see her and I didn’t ask, altho I did have a shiver when I grabbed a bag to take down the stairs and realized it was snake-related.  For a minute there, I was afraid it might be a bag of freeze-dried mice or some such.

Jason was lucky to have the help of his brother and two friends who came over.  They were all such hard workers.  His mom and her husband and Miss Katherine also came over the night Laura's New Homebefore and helped move smaller boxes.  May I just say that Miss Katherine (who is the mother of Jason’s mom’s husband) makes some killer brownies.  She brought up a batch for the guys who would be helping on Saturday.  I didn’t actually taste one but I was sure tempted.  But I wanted to save them for the guys who were doing all the heavy work.  Boy, did they look good, though.  But I digress…..back to the move.  Laura, her dad and I went on ahead to the new house with cars packed full so that we could get them unpacked and get out of the way by the time the truck pulled up.  Wow, the house is going to give them so much room especially when you consider that it is just the two of them, one cat, and one snake.

Arranging the SectionalThe biggest challenge was figuring out how to put together the new sectional furniture.  Funny how stuff never looks as big in a showroom as it does once you get it all home.  They got it figured out and once they get all the boxes unpacked, it is going to be just lovely.  While the sectional crew was doing their figuring, Jason’s brother was cooking burgers and franks on the grill out on the deck overlooking the pool.  Pool From the DeckBoy, did those taste good.  Yes, Laura and Jason found a lovely home and it is one that I think will give them many years of enjoyment.

Contrast their move now with the move of our other child.  Jason and his wife, Laura moved this weekend, too from a sublet apartment in the downtown Eastside area of Vancouver into a one-bedroom apartment across from the Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor team Vancouver headquarters.  Jason and Laura don’t own a car so they had to carry most of their belongings the several blocks over to the new place.  I asked Jason if he had any help moving and he did — for about a half hour at most.

When they were taking their bed apart to move it, Jason discovered some bedbugs on the mattress.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you might remember the episode they had with bedbugs this past Spring.  That necessitated them throwing out their old mattress and doing a complete cleaning of where they had been staying.  They got another mattress on Craig’s list and now this one had bedbugs.  Come to find out, the folks that sublet the apartment to them didn’t tell them that there had been an ongoing problem with bedbugs in that apartment.  So out went another mattress and with it, hopefully the bedbugs.  Right now, they are taking turns sleeping on a twin mattress borrowed from the Servants team house while the other sleeps on a recliner.  Jason did find a queen mattress and bed frame advertised on Craig’s list and made arrangements to buy that.  He is part of a car co-op so he called and reserved a van to go pick it up.  Well, the van never showed up.  Jason had to make his way (I assume by bicycle) to the bed owner’s place to pay for it and to assure her that he would be by to pick up the bed on another day after he could make arrangments again with the car co-op.

At the new apartment, (“new” being a relative term) they immediately had to start cleaning.  Jason said that the kitchen cabinets were white but you wouldn’t have realized it.  They had to spend hours scrubbing them down just to find out what color they were.  On the plus side, the realty company DID recarpet and paint the apartment.  On the downside, the refrigerator isn’t working so they are really hoping the realty company will either repair it or put in another one quickly.  They’ve met the neighbors next to them.  It’s “Pigeon Man” and his girlfriend.  Jason said he has always referred to this gentleman as “Pigeon Man” because he walks around the neighborhood with a pigeon on his head.  His girlfriend keeps rats as pets.  I wondered aloud about the mental health of these two when Jason told me about them.  “Well, there’s a good possibility that there are some issues there, ” Jason said, “but he’s a very gentle man.  I’m hoping that I can find ways to share the love of Christ with both of them.”

Two moves—-two very different moves.  I’m so happy for Laura and Jason.  And I’m happy that Jason and Laura will have a place to stay until after the baby is born.  Being a mother, I have to confess that I wish it wasn’t located in the worst part of town.  I wish I could wave a wand and make the filth and bugs disappear and make working appliances appear and cars show up when they are supposed to.   But for now, I can only pray and that will suffice.  For in our weakness, Christ is glorified.


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  1. what a nice place!!

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