Six Things Every Child Needs When They Move Into a New Home

It’s Saturday and we are getting ready to drive down to our daughter and son-in-law’s rented townhouse to help them move into their very own home.  Yes, they have become homeowners and we couldn’t be happier for them.  That got me to thinking about the indispensable things a child needs when they move into a new place.

Cleaning Tools1.  A good cleaning kit – Every move necessitates a clean-up at the last place and most likely at least a quick clean-up at the new place.  Of course, it always helps to have a willing parent or two to help with the cleaning.  I have my handy portable cleaning kit loaded and ready to go, including the invaluable Windex, which I highly recommend for cleaning just about anything.

Vacuum2.  A great vacuum – See #1 above.  We’ve always given the carpets in our previous house a good vacuuming as we moved the furniture out because it is amazing what you will find when things are moved.  You need a vacuum that will really suck up all the dust bunnies and assorted “finds”.

Packed Car3.  Hand-me-down furniture – I think it should be a rule that children need to take some furniture off the hands of their parents er, lovingly given to them each time they move.  After all, their parents won’t always be in that big old house.  Some day THEY will be moving and this way, there will be less to move.  Today we are getting rid of graciously donating a very nice patio table and chairs that we hardly ever use because the table is so high that I have to sit on pillows so that I don’t feel like a little toddler when I eat at it.

4.  A burly crew of moving volunteers – Our kids have already lined up an impressive crew of volunteers to help them move.  I suspect this was partly because they realize we aren’t getting any younger.  They probably don’t want to see us struggling down the stairs with an oversized sofa.  Then again, maybe they just don’t want to have to repair holes in the wall of the townhouse when the afore-mentioned sofa crashes down the stairs nor do they want to take time out from their move to take us to the hospital.

5.  A guest bedroom – every new home should have a guest bedroom for the parents when they come visit.  Said bedroom should not also be housing a red-tailed boa constrictor.  Our daughter’s new house has 4 bedrooms, which is good because now Francesca the snake will have her own room.  Personally, I think it’s time for Francesca to find a new home far, far away but that’s just my opinion.  Laura’s husband DOES have a younger brother and I think he REALLY looks like he needs a snake.  Think of all the girls this would attract, David!  One look at that snake, and they’d fly screaming into your arms.

Gnome6.  A Pittsburgh Steelers Garden Gnome – Last, but not least, every new place needs a garden gnome (or two) to really set the place off and let the neighbors know they aren’t getting just anybody moving in next door.  In that vein, I’ve ordered two of these little beauties which should be arriving at my daughter’s new doorstep any day now.  I suspect she’ll have to stash them in her backyard, though.  After all, they are moving deeper into Ravens country.


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  1. Love your Fave Five Moving Ideas! And I agree with them all. Especially #4 and #5. Have a happy moving weekend.

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