When Did I Become a Mushroom Farmer?

Front Flowerbed RedoneOur front flowerbed was finally re-landscaped earlier this summer.  They took out the overgrown perennials and the evergreen near the front door that had died during the last winter, laid down weed fabric (or whatever you call it), and then planted Dwarf Boxwood, Blue Fescue Grass, and a Pieris.  They also transplanted my existing two ornamental grasses.  I had told the landscapers that I loved ornamental grasses so they tried to incorporate them into the design as much as possible.  After they had all the plants in place,  they added Musroom soil, Plantone and tan bark.  We took the three existing Hosta plants and transplanted them over along the side of the house with the Butterfly bushes.

New Front CypressOn the other side of the front stoop, where we had a tall, overgrown Cypress that overpowered the entrance, they removed it and planted a Hinoki Cypress.  It really opens up the entrance now.  They assured us that we can keep it much smaller than the other evergreen.  I sure hope so.  I had really hoped to take some Before and After pictures for you but the landscapers surprised me by arriving several days before I had planned to head out and take the “Before” pics.  Just suffice it to say, that there was no real plan to the front bed before mainly because the ground was so hard in the center and the dogwood roots made it too difficult to dig deep enough to plant anything in there.  I had to content myself with planting around the perimeter of the bed.  Luckily, the landscapers were a stronger lot than me and had better tools to work the bed than I did.

Mushroom in MulchA funny thing has started happening though since the beds have been planted.  First we started noticing a white “film” over parts of the mulch periodically.  It isn’t that “vomit” -looking stuff that comes sometimes on mulch.  I did hear someone call into our local plant doctor’s radio show last week and describe the same thing.  He thought it was a type of mold brought on by the rainy weather we’ve been having.  He said to just rake the areas to spread it out to the sun (when it appears) and that should take care of the problem.  I tried that and it seems to be working.  The other strange thing which has happened is that we suddenly are seeing lots of little mushrooms appearing in the mornings.  It’s not an everyday occurance but they sure do pop out after the rains.  You’d think we were growing mushrooms in our front bed.  I’ve been going out there and pulling them up although my husband suggests just leaving them be, saying that they’ll disappear by midday.  I figured it was hitchhiking in the mulch until I looked at the landscaper’s invoice and saw that they had used mushroom soil.  Obviously we got a “two-fer” special with that soil.  So I’m wondering if we just rake them back into the mulch, will they help improve the soil or cause a bigger problem.  Anyone know?  In the meantime, I’d BETTER NOT see any toads.


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  1. Hope you had the happiest of birthdays. I signed up for route 66, and add the ymca stuff I do. The landscaping looks great Kris

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