What NOT to Talk About In a Hospital Waiting Room

Yesterday I was the designated driver for my friend, who was scheduled for outpatient surgery.  Well, we thought it was going to be outpatient surgery but they ended up keeping her overnight at the hospital, so we weren’t able to bring her home until today.

Anyway, I sat in the small surgical waiting room for awhile but it was rapidly filling up with large family groups so I ended up going downstairs to a larger surgery waiting room which happened to be near a little Starbucks kiosk.  Ah!  As I settled down with my knitting, a party of 3 plopped down in the chairs next to me and started up a lively conversation.  The first topic was every person they had ever known who had had cancer and every medical procedure that had been performed on those people, in graphic detail.  Now ever since I was a kid, I have NOT been able to watch medical shows on TV because I will get sympathy “pains” in whatever part of the body the TV doctors are operating on.  I could feel my eye start to twitch as one lady went on and on about one friend who had brain surgery.  Lung cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer….they had a friend for each type right down to prostate cancer.  Thank God I DIDN’T have a body part to associate with THAT part of the discussion.

By now I wasn’t feeling too good and was seriously thinking of gathering up my bag of knitting and heading to another part of the room when the conversation suddenly shifted.  They moved on to discussing a TV special they had seen where doctors had used cadaver bones for some sort of transplant.  I kid you not!  Who in the world talks about this stuff in a surgical waiting room filled with people who all have loved ones or friends who are upstairs in operating rooms being cut open?  That’s like sitting in the pew behind the departed’s immediate family while waiting for the funeral to start and talking about embalming methods.  I grabbed my things and scooted.

Over by the Starbucks kiosk there was a small table with only two chairs.  I grabbed the one chair and put my things on Leaf Lace Shawl Birdseyethe other.  Perfect!  Now I could put my feet up while knitting and wouldn’t have to worry about anyone sitting down next to me and starting up on some topic that would set me to twitching again.  Good thing, too, because it ended up being a long wait before my friend’s husband popped in to say that she was out of the recovery room and ready for a visit.  On the plus side, I made a lot of progress yesterday on my Leaf Lace Shawl.  One of these days, I’ll be ready to start on the edging.


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