Some New iPhone Faves

Jason and Laura wallpaperMan, I am still loving my iPhone.  Even my husband, one of the last of the holdouts for smartphones, is now a convert.  He has tackled the iPhone with the same fervor that he tackles new computer languages and has had more fun perusing the iTunes App store, looking for neat applications that will make his life easier.

iTV logoOne of the latest apps that he brought to my attention is a nifty program called i.TV.  This app has several versions but we are using the free version.  You enter your zip code and then pick the cable company system that you are using in your area.  From that, i.TV builds your TV viewing schedule so you can peruse what is available to watch each day on the different channels.  If something looks interesting, you can select the listing and then read a synopsis of the episode, see a listing of the credits, and read or write a review of the episode.  There even is a gallery of pictures offered for the different shows.  Sometimes there are bonus clips, previews, and different episodes available to watch on your iPhone.

iTV My Favorites ScreenAs you are looking through the different shows (there is a nice “Search” feature, too), you have the option of picking it as a Favorite by “thumbs-upping” it.  You can do the same for channels, as well.  This creates a customized My Media section where you have Shows, Channels, Actors, Movies, and even local theaters stored.  My husband was playing around with i.TV on his phone and he said it looked like you could even purchase movie tickets to local movie theaters from the app.  I haven’t tried it so can’t confirm this.  Another totally cool feature is that you can link to your Netflix account and check out your queue.

iTV Torchwood ScreenOf course, I’ve had Torchwood as one of my faved shows and I am totally on Cloud Nine that it is coming back on this week for a five-episode mini series.  Doing a quick check of “My Media” on i.TV I discovered that there is a “pre-show” starting at 8 p.m. on our cable network to discuss the making of the mini series.  I’m sure glad that I have this info because I’m going to be out for a meeting that lasts until 8 tonight and my hubby was planning on Torchwood starting at 9 p.m. tonight.  I would have been sick if I’d gotten home and discovered that I’d missed most of the preliminary show.  Now I can email him this afternoon and tell him to be sure to fire up the DVD-R so I can watch it as soon as I come home.

I found another iPhone fave this morning.  We all probably use our own photos for wallpaper on the iPhone or some iPhone New Wallpaper Screenare probably still using the wallpaper choices that came with the iPhone.  Here is a website that has some very cool free wallpaper for the iPhone.    Go over to PSD Fan and check out the 25 beautiful wallpapers offered there.  Here is one of my favorites.


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