Am I From An Alien Universe?

Alien DeeI swear some days I think I’ve dropped in from some alien planet.  Usually I get this feeling after I’ve read the paper or listened to the news because I hear or read things that just don’t make sense.  Maybe they do in your universe but they sure don’t in mine.

Case in point…..yesterday I picked up the paper and in the front section was a story about a movie rehearsal in the middle of the night that was broken up by police.  Seems a young film student decided to conduct a rehearsal of a fight scene in the early morning hours in a vacant parking lot near his house.  But they never bothered to notify the police that they were going to be conducting a “wee-hours” outdoor rehearsal.  So let me set the scene for you.  There is a girl straddling a guy on the ground and the girl appears to be beating the daylights out of this guy while another guy is trying to pull her off of the fellow on the ground.  Apparently there were three other young folk standing around this little scene of violence….the movie director and other assorted cast and crew.

So along come the police —-real police, not pretend ones, and they do what we would hope real police would do.  They think they are witnessing a real altercation and they go to break it up, apparently pulling a Taser gun in the process and threatening to issue citations along the way.  Now, the paper reports, the students are so traumatized that one ended up at a local hospital with a panic attack, all of the six cast and crew have filed complaints with the police department and they are “considering” filing complaints with the county DA’s office.

Like I said, I really wonder sometimes if I’m not from some other planet because friends, this sure doesn’t compute in my world.   In my little corner of the universe, I would WANT police to stop and break up a fight in the middle of the night.  I would EXPECT movie directors, be they film students or big-name directors, to have the common sense to notify the proper authorities before filming or rehearsing scenes out in public that could be misinterpreted.  And I would certainly HOPE that silly complaints like these would get thrown out faster than you can say “Duh!” before any more taxpayer money gets wasted following up on them.


One Response

  1. IT was too funny to read this post! That young film student just happens to be the son of a friend. And this all happened not too far from my house. This young man may be ‘gifted’ in his field but he has no common sense. This isn’t the first time he has been caught up in his “art” and gone too far.

    I agree with you completely. and why weren’t these kids charged with trespassing…as they were on the grounds of a local church. I can guarantee you that if his dad wasn’t a prominent member of the community – and a lawyer to boot – that he would have been charged with something…any other kid in this town would have been!

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